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Stop the Crashes! Pharma Company Wisely Repairs IT Issues

Stop the Crashes! Pharma Company Wisely Repairs IT Issues
September 22, 2020

A Gartner poll released earlier this year predicted that roughly half of all enterprise employees will likely work remotely (at least part of the time) post-COVID. That’s probably a welcomed sign for those that have settled into remote or hybrid work models, but surprisingly, businesses and institutions are still struggling to avoid major IT blunders that impact these digital workers.

In early 2020, millions of European workers were kicked off MS Teams due to an unexpected crash, and we’ve recently seen thousands of American schoolchildren encounter significant IT disruptions since the start of the school year. In addition, there is growing evidence that most work-from-anywhere (WFA) models continue to exacerbate IT’s problems and workload.

You might be wondering: why are so many IT departments struggling right now?

Many of IT’s problems have to do with their inherent limitations in measuring and managing the way devices are experienced by end users. From Nexthink’s perspective, we call this the Digital Employee Experience (DEX)—a comprehensive index that scores hard IT metrics and sentiment feedback from real employees.

We want to share three recent IT successes from a prominent pharmaceutical company to underscore how tech teams can use a DEX approach to prevent annoying end-user IT problems. Like most companies did in 2020, this customer shifted the majority of its employees offsite, and they plan on keeping it that way well into next year.

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Tired with facing the same types of crashes cited in the news, this customer used Nexthink’s DEX Scoring and Experience platform to better manage and monitor their digital infrastructure.

Here is what they were able to accomplish:

1. Slicing AutoCAD crashes by 98.76%

autocad crash

Several engineers and drug specialists relied heavily upon AutoCAD, an application which enables users to draft detailed renderings of their products. Unfortunately, a certain AutoCAD version continuously crashed at the backend and IT was unaware because employees never reported the problem.

Using Nexthink’s detailed software monitoring dashboards and experience scores, IT was able to quickly identify and resolve the issue with their AutoCAD support team. The fast turnaround helped the company’s engineers and drug specialists avoid prolonged productivity loss.

2. Cutting Internet Explorer crashes in half in a single quarter

Employees also experienced another blow with Internet Explorer (IE). IT encouraged employees to use IE for their web browsing, but certain versions continually triggered crashes in several remote devices.

finder update IE

Leveraging Nexthink’s extensive content library (which includes a wide range of remediation scripts), IT was able to quickly upgrade to the latest version of IE for those impacted devices. They still use Nexthink’s alerts and DEX scoring to monitor any drops in performance. If their IE score drops below a certain level, IT is alerted and they can proactively intervene and support their employees’ web browsing experiences.

3. Resolving VPN Agent crashes by 100%

vpn agent crash

Since the pandemic this customer has also had to rely more on their VPN to support both remote and travelling workers. During the first few months of 2020, several network crashes prevented users from successfully connecting and accessing their internal corporate applications.

Nexthink’s dynamic network mapping and experience dashboards allowed IT to quickly isolate the main culprits behind the crashes: two legacy VPN Agent versions.

vpn network

Nexthink’s network mapping allows IT to get a dynamic look across their devices, users, ports, binaries, and destinations. Support agents can quickly identify root-causes and better understand their employee experience.

By quickly upgrading to the latest VPN versions from Nexthink’s library, IT was able to slash their overall network crashes and protect their distributed workforce from further disruptions.

Dhruv Kapila, Partner Success Manager

Kapil Kumar, Senior Delivery Consultant

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