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Nexthink’s CPO, Samuele Gantner Interviewed by Digitalisation World

Nexthink’s CPO, Samuele Gantner Interviewed by Digitalisation World
July 30, 2020

Nexthink’s Chief Product Officer, Samuele Gantner, spoke recently with Digitalisation World, a popular tech news company to discuss the next generation of our Experience Platform.

IT departments around the world are under considerable stress nowadays but there are several fast and practical solutions available in the Nexthink platform that our customers are using to help support their remote workers and flexible work environments.

Key points from the interview:

(0:25) What’s the main takeaway from the platform?

Nexthink’s platform gives IT the ability to fully understand digital work from the perspective of their employees; and equips IT departments with the insights and means to fix critical technology problems that span across their networks, business applications, and digital devices.

(4:18) “Where do I start?” – helping IT prioritize incidents and drops in performance

This is the question that many in IT ask themselves when it comes time to fix their users most frustrating tech problems. Learn how the platform uses IssueRank™ to help IT prioritize the biggest tech issues that impact a company’s Digital Employee Experience.

Access the full interview here:

(5:45) “How do I fix this?” – automating & guiding what comes next for IT support

In addition, IT doesn’t always have the time or resources to become experts in every facet of tech support. Sam discusses the importance of Nexthink’s playbooks which help guide IT by showing how they can quickly solve performance problems with Nexthink’s built-in automations.

(6:45) Real-time metrics + context-driven employee feedback

By combining real-time network, application, and endpoint metrics with rich employee feedback, Nexthink’s customers are able to pivot at any moment and unearth the root causes that lay at the heart of their IT services.

(12:00) Reactive >>> Proactive >>> Preemptive?

Sam breaks down what it means for IT departments to shift from reactive, to proactive, and a later, more mature stage, of preemptive IT Ops. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) will be, if they’re not already, a thing of the past. Instead, IT will look to something else that Sam explains in detail.

(14:40) What else is coming to the Nexthink platform?

Shh… Sam reveals several important enhancements coming to the platform, but you’ll have to check out the video for more details!

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