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Poor Work Experiences Are a “We” Problem

Poor Work Experiences Are a “We” Problem
October 24, 2019

A few weeks ago I attended the Digital Workplace & Employee Experience Summit in Berlin hosted by Platinum Edge. I’ve been to hundreds of conferences in my professional career but none like this one.

Surprisingly, the attendees and speakers weren’t just IT engineers like myself, but instead a mix and mash of human resources, change management, content marketing, and digital analytics professionals—all with skin in the proverbial workplace experience game.

I sat on a panel discussion with some of these professionals and it was motivating to see so many different perspectives united over the same desire to improve everyday work life for people like you and me. We have more in common with HR, Data Science, and Change Management than we think.

Admittedly, I probably wouldn’t have crossed paths with most of these professionals back in our respective companies—there’s a sort of natural tribalism that takes place in any job, the sales crowd lunches together, the marketing people sit off in one corner, etc. Obviously, our participation at the summit was planned but I quickly felt a natural affinity with these peers—we shared many of the same stories of struggle and triumph working on large digital transformation and organizational change projects.

The main takeaway that kept rising its ugly head throughout the day:

The status quo isn’t doing enough for the modern digital employee, and it’s going to take different backgrounds coming together to make any real changes.

Studies show that as high as 94% of US and UK workers report feeling stress at work, with almost a third saying their stress is “unsustainably high”.

Playing Our Part

Nexthink may be one small cog in the wheel but we are vitally important to the bigger picture of employee happiness and engagement. It’s been reported by technology leaders like Forrester that 30% of the factors that most drive engagement in the workplace are technology-related—something that falls directly into our realm here at Nexthink.

If anything, the Employee Experience Summit helped solidify what we are trying to accomplish. Yes, on the surface we are an IT solutions company that exponentially improves the computing environment for thousands of people every day.

But I think our role is much more nuanced than just that—we help facilitate a more advanced, productive and better inner work life for people than what they’re currently getting.

Whether you come from a technology background or not, Nexthink can help you accomplish a stronger, more fulfilling workplace experience.

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