nexthink benchmarking report - state of digital experience

One of the most exciting things about last year’s Experience events was the unveiling of the Digital Experience Score (DX Score).

Over the years we’ve worked tirelessly to improve digital employee experience (DEX) but until then we never had this one metric, the DX Score, that could tie it all together.

Fast forward to today, and our customers now have this one source of truth to better track and compare progress with their peers.

Across the six key areas of digital experience, we now can offer all our customers a single, universally applicable rating that defines what a superior IT experience looks like—a score that can be contrasted with peer performance, and used to continuously guide IT planning, migration, post-migration, and enterprise growth.

The uptake and enthusiasm around the launch of the DX Score has been incredible. The metric has already been deployed across more than 400 customers, and our total anonymized data set today reflects insights from 1.6M endpoints.

Now, in time for the first of this year’s Experience events, Score’s success has given us a new opportunity: to establish and share continuous industry-wide digital workplace insights that have never been seen before.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done in this new microsite, The State of Digital Employee Experience – available now.

Ever wondered how long, on average, employees across different industries wait to logon to their devices?

Or how often they have to resort to a hard reset?

Or what areas trouble employees the most overall in their day-to-day digital work life?

How about which organizations struggle to deliver a great user experience and why?

Now Nexthink has those answers. And as we finetune the DX Score and begin to benchmark en masse, we’re going to have even richer workplace insights to come in the future.

Stay tuned!