We are very excited about the release of Nexthink V6.7! The new release adds several product improvements including an all new module for collecting and combining direct end-user feedback with our comprehensive technical metrics. Check it out!

End-User Feedback Module

End-users care about fast devices, reliable apps and services that are always available. Nexthink End-user Experience Management leverages endpoint analytics to help IT increase endpoint visibility, reduce costs and enable the business and end-users to be more productive. But wait … how could we improve the product to provide even more dramatic results? We asked customers this question. They responded – Add the ability to gather and correlate direct end-user feedback with our quantitative technical metrics.

Consider it done. The new release (6.7) now gives organizations the tools to understand what end-users are experiencing with their devices and how satisfied they are. Using real-time data collected on the endpoint and feedback from the end-user, Nexthink is able to help IT see issues – often before the end-user knows there is even an issue – and fix them before they become wide-spread. The result – dramatically improved endpoint visibility, reduced service delivery costs, improved business productivity and happier end-users.


Read more about the new End-User Feedback module here.


We all know Nexthink provides hundreds of metrics that can be used to measure endpoint and infrastructure performance at a technical level, but how can this information be used to understand the big picture and define KPIs that can be tracked over time? This is where the concept of score comes in. A score is a higher level indicator obtained by weighing several technical factors together. You can now configure scores based on weighing multiple technical and non-technical factors and metrics together. This will help IT better understand and to be more responsive to the needs of end-users and the business.


Read more about the new Scores feature here.

Complete release notes for the V6.7 release can be found here. Enjoy the new features in the V6.7 release!