To ensure a successful adoption of Office 365, there is a tremendous amount of planning required … this is no trivial project. Once you begin your roll-out, you need to understand and demonstrate that the experience your end-users are having is consistent with the level they require to be efficient in their daily routine. Nexthink End-user IT Analytics and the Office 365Library Pack will give you the data you need to ensure the experience of your Office 365 users is comparable or better than the productivity apps they were previously using.

The Nexthink Office 365 Library Pack for the Nexthink Portal and Finder will help you plan and measure Office 365 project success like never before. There are a 12 pre-built dashboards displaying key device and application metrics relevant to Office 365 planning, roll-out, and adoption. All the dashboards can be modified and customized to suit your organizations needs.

Download the pack now in your Nexthink Finder to begin enjoying the benefits of this great Library Pack.