Malware is on the rise. Detecting suspicious binaries and unsafe user activity are two of many keys you need to protect your environment and organization’s data. Nexthink End-user IT Analytics and the Malware Library Pack will give you new tools, focused on the endpoint, to augment your organization’s security posture.

Perimeter and network-based security are insufficient when combating malware in todays enterprise. The Nexthink Malware Library Pack for the Nexthink Portal and Finder will strengthen your ability to fight malware by generating real-time endpoint visibility – adding critical understanding and data not captured by your existing security measures. IT and security professionals all know that the endpoint and your end-users are the weakest link in any security plan. Let Nexthink End-user IT Analytics give you insight to help combat malware – Today!

Download the pack now in your Nexthink Finder to begin enjoying the benefits of this great Library Pack.