Imagine a world where downtime from IT disruptions are measured in minutes or seconds rather than hours or days. A world where employees are able to be more productive because issues are being resolved automatically, and sometimes behind the scenes. This is our passion and overarching goal at Nexthink. And we are extremely excited to announce that we have been included in Forrester Research’s latest report analyzing the benefits of investing in a continuous resolution platform.

Side-by-side with other key industry leaders, our inclusion in this research showcases that the technologies we have built are the ones needed to keep digital assets readily available and in top condition for today’s generation of workers.

“Forrester’s report on the continuous resolution vendor landscape highlights the importance of rapid-response and collaborative approaches for properly managing incident response,” said Pedro Bados, CEO of Nexthink. “The Nexthink solution is built for optimal collaboration between IT departments and employees, helping businesses consistently increase productivity and deliver high IT satisfaction across the enterprise in real-time.”

In today’s world, digital systems are pivotal to the success of your employees. When an IT issue drags out over the course of days or weeks, it costs companies money and causes unnecessary headaches for employees. How can they be expected to meet strict deadlines and achieve peak performance without the tools needed to do their jobs? Quite simply, they can’t.

The digital dependent work environment needs an ecosystem where IT professionals have the visibility to see where and when issues arise, reach out and engage with employees when necessary to gather the right context and act on that knowledge to solve IT headaches before they turn into unbearable migraines.

At Nexthink, our belief is that organizations need to allow IT staff to be proactive throughout the remediation process, rather than being reactionary and waiting for support tickets to come through. By providing technical staff with the visibility into all end-points, the context to know what is causing issues and the automation capabilities to solve them, we give organizations the ability to solve IT headaches, often before employees even realize they have them and often before IT staff even knows someone’s having an issue.

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To download Forrester’s Now Tech: Continuous Resolution, Q1 2018 report, please visit this page.