We are very excited about the release of Nexthink V6.8! The new release adds several product improvements including End-User Feedback Question Workflows, Single Sign-On and more. Check out the new release!

End-User Feedback Questions Workflow

End-user feedback has been out for a couple of months now and we are already receiving excellent feedback (no pun intended). We are happy to introduce the first enhancement to the solution. Workflows allow you define the flow of questions based on the user’s answers.

Let’s consider a simple scenario: we want to understand why people are using Dropbox instead of the corporate document sharing solution. Depending on the answer, we want to ask several follow-up questions:

  • I use Dropbox for personal files → nothing left to ask
  • Because the corporate solution suffers from technical issues → which ones?
  • I didn’t know about the corporate solution → here are some instructions

Question Workflows significantly improve the capabilities and utility of the Feedback module. You can read more about Question Workflows here.

Windows Authentication, aka SSO, It’s Official!

Gone are the days when you needed to type your username and password to access your favorite dashboards. With this feature enabled, and if you logged in to your computer as a domain user (AD account), you can access both the Portal and the Finder with just one single click and without having to know your username or password.

You can read more about SSO here.

Scores Now Included in E-mail Digests

The e-mail digest gives you a concise update on what happened during the past week – and it just got an upgrade! So, what did we change? First, we have included the ability to use Scores as part of your digest metrics. Digests are meant to provide a quick summary of the most important data for you, and Scores are a perfect fit for that. This means that you will be able to include Scores in your weekly summary of overall endpoint performance and share the latest evaluation of your environment compliance with others.

Secondly, based on feedback from our customers, we implemented two changes that have been requested several times. Number one: we have modified the “smileys” to be more corporate; meaning that we opted for a flat design. Number two: we now allow you to decide if users with access to a service module will receive a digest for it (previously the digest was automatically sent, without an option to opt-out).

You can read more about Digest Scores here.

Express Cost with Scores, and More

Scores are an extremely powerful tool as they allow you to give business meaning to technical data. In this release, we have included several changes for Scores.

  • Ability to use sum, multiply, and weighted average operators – These simple functions allow you to define more complex scores, and even scores that express monetary notions. Imagine, for instance, users who are using a commercial software while a free alternative is available. Money saved = number of users x cost of the commercial software.

  • Ability to Export Scores Through NXQL – What’s better than a score in Nexthink? Well, of course, it is a score fully integrated into your ecosystem. Beginning with this release, it is very easy to automatically export scores to your CMDB or ITSM tool.

You can read more about using and computing Scores here.

The Nexthink 6.8 contains many improvements and enhancements to make the job of managing End-user Experience a breeze. Complete release notes for the V6.8 release, including details on other enhancements, can be found here. Enjoy the new features in the V6.8 release!