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DEX Score Expansions Empower IT to Measure What Matters Most

DEX Score Expansions Empower IT to Measure What Matters Most
April 20th

Every IT environment is different.

Some IT teams depend heavily on efficient reactive support, others need to manage a totally decentralized workforce, while some focus their resources on infallible security.

The point is, regardless of what your IT ecosystem looks like, you need to focus on what matters most to you, your employees and the business.

The introduction of the Digital Employee Experience Score (DEX Score) was the industry’s breakthrough in digital experience management – a quantified metric combining both technical and sentiment insight to understand and improve employees’ key experience drivers.

Since then, the essence of experience scoring has dramatically evolved to help in key areas, such as managing remote working experiences or helping support teams be more proactive.

Customize the way you want to measure experience

The introduction of DEX Score expansions takes your Score to the next level.

Expansions empower you to focus on the elements of the organization that matter most to IT, employees and the business. From compliance to remote working, they allow you to truly tailor the way you measure experience so you can baseline and improve your immediate priorities.

With an “expanded” Score, you can personalize the way you report and manage the current state of your Digital Employee Experience. This means that you can rapidly find areas of improvement and improve decision-making when taking action.

Focus on what matters most to you

Expansions come in the form of simple add-ons that gather and add in additional technical or sentiment data points into your current DEX Score. All expansion topics were carefully curated to address the most common IT priorities.

Users can choose to install one or all expansions simply based on what they deem important to their employees’ digital experiences.

As of early 2021, there are six initial expansions, with the outlook to build more over time:

  • Device Compliance: monitoring current compliance levels.
  • IT Support Experience: tracking employees’ satisfaction with their IT support.
  • Internal communication: measuring employees’ satisfaction with internal communication and the tools used to deploy it.
  • Device network: monitors additional sources of data regarding network experience.
  • Access to corporate documentation: monitors employees’ satisfaction regarding the access and consumption of corporate documentation.
  • Remote work experience: monitors employees’ IT satisfaction when working remotely.

What would your score look like?

Measuring and baselining your Digital Employee Experience provides you with actionable insight to quickly and effectively drill-down and troubleshoot areas of improvement. The ability to customize what you measure is key to optimize areas of improvement and truly focus on what matters most to you

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