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The Nexthink Library: Q4 Overview

December 21, 2020

The Nexthink Library allows IT teams to extend and tailor their Nexthink Experience platform to cater to their specific business, IT and employee initiatives.

By leveraging over 100+ out-of-the-box content packs and integration, users can use actionable content to overcome some of the most common IT challenges with ready-to-use dashboards, metrics, Engage campaigns, remote actions, targeted insights and more.

We continuously update this ever-growing library based on customer feedback and market trends to enable the continuous improvement of Nexthink users.

Let’s take a look back at some of the exciting new releases in this last quarter of 2020.

Persona Insight

Persona Insight empowers IT professionals to slice and dice their employee base into richer, more accurate “persona” segments based on key digital experience dimensions. This gives IT X-ray vision into their end-user population, allowing them to serve up superior computing experience efficiently while managing cost.

persona insight dashboard

Persona Insight: Digital Experience by Persona

IT can now understand employees much more meaningfully by looking at, for instance, employees with laptops of a particular model, the intensity of someone’s computing needs, user mobility, a heavy print user vs. cloud storage user, and much more. Nexthink collects 700+ raw data points that can be collated by IT to describe the end-users. ​

Based on these insights and capabilities, IT can drill down into specific persona-based activities to make more informed decisions precisely aligned to their business goals.

Home Networking

When working remotely, employees require a stable internet (and intranet) connection to maintain a great digital experience. While some IT teams believe employees’ at-home networks are out of their control, there are, in fact, many elements that can be managed to optimize a home networking infrastructure.

The Home Networking library pack allows IT to measure the at-home digital experience in terms of the actual health and speed of a remote employee’s connection. IT teams can quickly identify low performing home network configurations and take the right course of action, regardless of location.

Home Networking: Internet Connectivity

This platform extension offers half a dozen new dashboards, over 70 new metrics, as well as new remote actions and Engage campaigns to deliver 360-degree visibility and context over home networks, internet connectivity and business services connectivity.

Hardware Asset Renewal: Advanced

The Hardware Asset Renewal: Advanced library pack allows IT teams to optimize their asset renewal ROI using comprehensive visibility over their corporate device landscape and lifecycle. This enables accurate decision-making about which devices need to be replaced, repaired or kept.

By levering both hard and soft metrics, IT can look beyond simple technical statistics to manage their total cost of device ownership while keeping employee experience and expectations in mind.

Hardware Asset Renewal: User Satisfaction

This not only becomes a source of dramatic cost savings and improved employee experience but also provides IT with objective metrics to hold vendors accountable for their promises and improve the device procurement process.

Virtualization enhancements

With its latest release, Nexthink’s virtualization experience management capabilities have significantly improved support IT teams throughout their virtualization lifecycle, from assessment through ongoing operations.

True to the Nexthink way, IT teams can correlate real-time technical and sentiment metrics to understand their current landscape and deliver the right virtual and physical resources to the right employees.

Virtualization – Project: Overview

Depending on IT objectives, different virtualization packs are available and support three main virtualization environments – Citrix, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), or VMware Horizon. Key packs include:

The Virtualization Project library pack provides IT with the means to assess their current environment and accurately choose the right technology and sizing. A pilot can also be deployed to validate its impact on the business and employee experience. This allows IT to deploy their solution securely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Virtualization Operate library pack allows IT to optimize the current production of their virtual environments to reduce costs and risks related to change management when, for example, upgrading an image or deploying a new application. IT can then easily troubleshoot experience or performance issues and proactively improve the employee experience.

Microsoft Visio and Project Management

This pack acts as a strong addition to any IT team’s software metering activities. It provides IT with new investigations and Engage campaigns to understand the actual usage of Microsoft Visio and/or Project in their landscape. IT can then easily identify users not actively using the application and uninstall it when necessary, acting as an additional source of cost reduction.

Jamf Management

This quick and simple library pack includes a new remote action that allows IT to reinstall the jamf client on any macOS device in the environment. This remote action can be deployed in real-time as an instant resolution directly from the Nexthink platform.

Continuous improvement through the Nexthink Library

The Nexthink Library is a dynamic, ever-growing element of Nexthink Experience, built to help IT teams extend and tailor their IT ecosystem and meet their current objectives.

The library packs mentioned above are just some of the main releases that deserve to be highlighted. In fact, countless other additions, updates and improvements have been made across the 100+ library packs currently available.

Stay tuned for more exciting content on the Nexthink Library.

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