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Keep Your Team Moving Forward

Keep Your Team Moving Forward
June 2nd

In November 2021, a record 4.5 million workers switched jobs, topping the previous record set in September 2021. If there’s a side story to the global pandemic, it’s The Great Resignation.

This phenomenon has companies spending more than ever to retain their human capital, with less and less to show for it. At Nexthink, we believe part of the problem is this: Even the most inspiring and effective leaders in February 2020 were caught flatfooted by the unprecedented evolution in the way we work. Nobody could have anticipated in early 2020 that our relationship between people and work would change so radically, so quickly – and it has showed.

As Chief Strategy Officer at Nexthink, where we’ve grown to over 900 employees during the pandemic, I’ve felt these pressures to evolve as a leader myself. Which is why we set out on a mission to discover what was keeping people engaged at work; versus what was throwing them off course.

Because as we’ve learned over the past two years, the digital employee experience is not just important – it’s mission-critical.

The Digital Employee Experience (DEX)

How do leaders enhance the employee experience at work in this new dynamic? How can executives judge employee satisfaction from what can feel like a thousand feet view? And how can they use the tools at their disposal to engineer a better work environment in the digital age?

Here’s what we’ve found:

Nexthink’s solution requires leaders to think differently than they have in the past. Because the task of developing a smart and productive workplace in the digital space, requires a fundamentally different set of tools than in the physical one.

Architects of Flow

At Nexthink, we believe that – given the right tools – IT can serve as the basis for teams to unlock untapped potential and productivity.

Our platform is built on this founding principle, and the belief that IT must be imagined differently: IT shouldn’t just be there when something goes wrong; they need to be key stakeholders who are helping to ensure things go right.

Rather than simply responding when crises arise, or tech inevitably breaks down, Nexthink believes in empowering IT to become leaders in digital employee experience.

We’ve seen it first-hand with over 1,000 organizations.

When provided with tools such as real-time analytics, employee feedback and automated remediation, IT become the central architects of a more engaging workplace.

But success in this area requires management to think differently about IT. Instead of seeing IT as a service desk to respond to tech issues, they need to be viewed as key stakeholders playing a vital role in maintaining an organization’s health and satisfaction. The days of strictly reactive IT are over – it’s time to recognize IT’s potential as the architects of flow.

Already, forward-looking companies are being forced by outside events to adopt this mindset, with the understanding that the virtual world is often just as important as the physical world – and in some cases
more so.

As the revolution in working habits continues, so does this revolution in employee experience. As employees vote with their feet and head towards workplaces that cater to their needs, companies must evolve their operations and mindsets, or risk being left behind.