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Are Your Employees’ Tickets Resolved or Are They on Vacation?

Are Your Employees’ Tickets Resolved or Are They on Vacation?
September 23rd

How one IT campaign closed out 77% of ticket backlog volume

ticket volume reduction

Every year during the holidays, our customer, a multinational professional services organization, has thousands of IT tickets built up due to employees on vacation. As the IT teams reached out and didn’t receive a response, their performance metrics ticked up, impacting their quarterly goals and customer satisfaction.

In defense of these employees, we all know what it is like to come back to an overflowing inbox. You can understand why they didn’t respond to IT or missed the email follow-up entirely. Debate about email etiquette aside, IT needed a solution.

So instead of repeating the cycle, the IT team knew they needed a different approach. Rather than reach out to employees while they were gone, they needed to reach them and close tickets before their vacation began.

Taking a proactive approach, the IT team set up a way to offer and schedule support agent approved time slots to resolve the employees’ issues before the holidays started.

Turning to Nexthink’s Engage campaign, IT was able to:

  • Send personalized notifications with a request to resolve their issue
  • Collect date and time that the user would like their issue resolved
  • Provide the option to mark the issue as resolved so IT can close the ticket

Engage example

Through an integration with ServiceNow, IT knew who to target and worked with internal communications to craft a compelling message that still captured the company’s brand and voice. By sending these campaigns in waves, they provided different date and time options and monitored results in case they needed to make changes.

After sending to 476 employees, 383 responded – an 80% response rate – significantly higher than what they had seen via email.

Plus, 295 employees scheduled an appointment, and 57 said their issue was resolved. That’s 77% that scheduled an appointment and 12% that immediately closed out their request.

This automated campaign improved efficiency, saved time and improved employee satisfaction. And that was just the beginning! This customer plans to improve their original campaign and use it again this holiday season.

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