“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.” – Steve Jobs

Just Ask!

The top priority for Express Scripts’ end-user experience (EUE) team is to improve the technology experience for employees; they’re both our end users and our customers. But how do we know where to focus to improve the experience? Our users tell us!

At Express Scripts, we rely heavily on direct feedback from our end users. From time to time, they will see a brief survey with the image of Edison – a cloud-like cartoon character that acts as our digital advocate for a better end-user experience. Through their responses, users provide the EUE team with a User Technology Net Promoter Score (utNPS), as well as general feedback, that is quickly put to use to improve the technologies employees use on a daily basis. Our utNPS is a score ranging from -100 to 100 and – much like traditional NPS – measures users’ likelihood to recommend the company or products to others, where each respondent is categorized as a promotor, neutral or detractor based on a 0 to 10 rating. We’ve set a lofty goal for ourselves of +30 for the year, so our work is far from complete.


Staying Engaged with Nexthink

The Edison pop-up surveys are powered by Nexthink, an endpoint analytics tool that captures real-time data about the way computers are performing in our environment. Our team uses this data to identify trends and work towards quicker resolutions to issues before they turn into global problems. As we continue to correlate this data with the ratings and comments provided from users, we hope to better understand the issues impacting utNPS.

For the past six months we’ve consistently collected survey data from users. Over time, we’ve seen our utNPS move from a +12 down to a +2 and back up to a +15.

We’re also working to improve the visibility of the data that we collect and analyze.  Several dashboards exist to provide insights for the members of our team who can make the data matter. We’ll soon be holding training sessions on how to best utilize these dashboards, enabling our team to be curious and proactive in improving the end-user experience.

Additionally, we communicate with employees by publishing results from our surveys quarterly on our internal platform “DownLoad,” letting users know that we’re listening to them and taking action to improve their experience!

To find out more about Express Scripts’ journey towards the ideal end-user experience with Nexthink, watch the webinar on proactive IT management.