Technology is supposed to make life easier. For individuals this often means better Internet access, information available on demand and the ability to easily connect with other devices in their home. For businesses, the benefits of technology often boil down to efficiency; the right software or hardware can help reduce project times and enhance communication.

The problem? Business tech doesn’t always work as advertised, turning otherwise happy workers into habitual complainers. While part of the issue stems from unreasonable expectations — for example, personal cloud services and unsanctioned apps aren’t exactly above board in the workplace — the Helpdesk is also a source of frustration. How do you get front-line workers and technology pros on the same page and get back on track to improved satisfaction?

Fast Problems, Slow Response

While mobile devices have enhanced tech-savvy users productivity over the past few years, not all employees have the same level of familiarity with software and hardware. As noted by the Daily Mail, helpdesk’s regularly receive some very odd complaints. Consider the example of one agitated individual dealing with constant email delivery failure — no surprise given the physical street address they typed into the address bar.

But the problem isn’t always on the user end. Many employees report frustration because they’re unsure about ticket status: While they followed procedure and had their problem assessed, there’s never any follow-up feedback or timeline, leaving them worried that they’ve simply wasted their time. Here, a more transparent approach to compliant handling and resolution can lead to reduced frustration on both sides of the call.

Detail Divide

Problems also arise when employees don’t possess the technical skill necessary to accurately describe their issue in an email or phone call. According to Tech Radar, one of the most popular complaints reported by users is that they “can’t print anything.” But with so many potential causes for this problem it’s almost impossible to solve without diving deep — although helpdesk pros occasionally get lucky with the “is it turned on?” line of questioning.

Here the key is leveraging automated tools able to collect and relay detailed issue information to helpdesks with or without employee input. This allows IT pros to access the data they need even if all users can provide is a basic description of what’s gone wrong.

Root Remedies

Of course, putting out fires is just the start for helpdesk staff. Ideally, the goal is to eliminate all instances of a particular issue rather than simply stomping it out for a single user. Consider the problem of slow PC performance; chances are that if one user has this malady it’s affecting others as well, though it may manifest in different ways. With the help of real-time collection solutions like the Nexthink V6 platform, however, it’s possible to aggregate and analyze incident reports from your entire network at once, giving helpdesk workers and IT admins the edge the need to eliminate the issue at source.

With the right monitoring tools and data collection solutions you can broker a technological truce and make the relationship between end-users and helpdesks much more collaborative and effective, in other words “happy”!