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Harnessing the Power of Nexthink and Qualtrics

Harnessing the Power of Nexthink and Qualtrics
February 13th

Today, enterprise IT teams are being asked to manage thousands of devices, hundreds of applications, dozens of networks, multiple clouds, and so much more. It’s critical for IT to have clear visibility over end user digital experience. Questions such as: are my fellow employees actively using the applications they have been provisioned, and if so, are they satisfied with the experience, are vital pieces of information for driving overall business efficiency. And while there may be multiple ways to find the answers to these questions, the simplest and fastest way is via the combination of Nexthink and Qualtrics.

In 2022, Nexthink announced a partnership with Qualtrics to help organizations improve workplace technology experiences through the lens of the employee. Nexthink Infinity provides out-of-the-box integration with Qualtrics, harnessing the power of quantitative and qualitative data sets that IT Teams can pair together to unlock invaluable insights and drive quick fixes to select sets of end users.

Said another way, “Having experience data from Qualtrics with operational data from Nexthink helps IT leaders deliver the technology experiences that impact employee engagement, satisfaction, and productivity,” Brad Anderson, Qualtrics.

Nexthink & Qualtrics: Qualitative & Quantitative Combined

There are countless examples of how Nexthink and Qualtrics can be utilized together in harmonious fashion to not only understand the root technical cause for an issue, but also the sentiment impact that it is having on fellow employees. And while the use cases change, the underlying procedure behind the remediation process remains the same. Integrate Nexthink and Qualtrics to see, diagnose, and quickly fix a problem for a select set of users.

  1. Here’s how it works: Run a Nexthink query to identify the exact audience impacted by a particular issue (for example, which end users have low disk space).
  2. Configure the built-in Qualtrics integration within the Nexthink platformhow to integrate nexthink and qualtrics
  3. From inside Qualtrics navigate to:
    1. Projects: Create a new survey.
    2. Directory: Upload the list of affected users.
    3. Library: Write your outbound message.
  4. Jump back to Nexthink, append the appropriate Qualtrics ID’s, and schedule the date, time and frequency of the survey. Time to send!
  5. Now you can analyze the results together. Then with the push of a button, implement the identified fix for the affected users through Nexthink’s remediation toolset.

By completing this process, you have just combined the power of Nexthink quantitative data with Qualtrics qualitative data to make the best decision for your end users and your business.

Let’s look at an organization that was able to capitalize on deploying both Nexthink and Qualtrics within their current tech stack to drive a real business outcome.

See It in Action: Resolving Outlook Issues

The IT Team for a large healthcare customer heard murmurs that Outlook launch times were sluggish across the organization. The team wanted to conduct a proper investigation to better understand the issue but needed to do so in a way that would yield meaningful results. By leveraging the Nexthink and Qualtrics integration hey were able to uncover and resolve the issue in three simple steps:

  1. Utilize Nexthink to conduct a quick quantitative analysis of Outlook performance across the organization. The resulting data highlighted that an aging/undersized hardware issue was causing the problem.
  2. Leverage Qualtrics to send a targeted survey to the affected employees to assess the impact of the issue. In this case the findings were conclusive: this set of users were experiencing significant frustration because of slow load times.
  3. Provide new hardware only to this select set of employees.

This three-step approach ultimately resulted in increased productivity and satisfaction for the employees, and cost savings for the organization (by only implementing a small batch hardware replacement).

You can learn more about the Nexthink and Qualtrics integration at

Nexthink offers customers the ability to enable integrations through multiple avenues including APIs, bulk data exports, webhooks and more. With these new integration capabilities in place, customers can expect to see continued high velocity in the availability of integrations that Nexthink offers in 2023.