We are very excited! V6.6 of Nexthink has been released with a number of exciting new features and product improvements. Check it out!

Bar Charts

It has been said that a picture is worth 1000 words. Nexthink V6.6 has made visually comparing data in the Portal simpler than ever with the addition of bar charts! Bar charts graphically display the values of a count metric in horizontal bars, letting you compare results visually at a glance. Values are arranged either by hierarchy or by the grouping criteria selected in the definition of the count metric.

Read more about the new Bar Charts here.


Counting All Users and All Devices (Beta)

The Nexthink Portal has been enhanced with a new method of computing metrics related to inventory use cases. In previous versions, all values shown in Portal were computed by considering active objects. For instance, a metric counting Windows 10 devices returns the number of devices running Windows 10 that were turned on during the period of time specified by the user (for instance a specific day). When it comes to inventory use cases however, it might be more interesting to count all known devices with Windows 10 installed regardless of whether they were turned on or not. In V6.6 you can now define these metrics for both users and devices. The feature is considered but go ahead and try it out. We would love to hear your opinion at! Read more about Counting All Users and All Devices here.

Finder Field Selector

Finder just became more user friendly! When running investigations, you need to pick out which fields to display among the hundreds that Nexthink provides. We have introduced a brand new selector that allows to quickly search fields instead of manually navigating a complex menu. Additionally, all fields are now better organized thanks to an improved categorization.

Read more about the new Finder Field Selector here.


New Delivery Model

Most customers want to always have the latest features but find it difficult to keep up with the updates. Well, we have a solution. We have drastically improved our delivery model and hope you find it easy to stay on the cutting edge.

Appliance Update and Federation – By default the product will remain automatically up-to-date, providing you with all the new features, benefits and security patches introduced in new releases. Moreover, advanced configuration settings allow you to define an update policy that matches your organizations internal requirements.

On top of the update policy, other configuration settings can now be automatically replicated across different appliances thus simplifying the management of the Nexthink platform. The Nexthink Console has been completely reorganized to make the administration job even easier.


Finder Installer and Auto-update – First introduced as beta in V6.5, the new Finder update feature has now been released. Installing the Finder has never been so easy thanks to our new install & update mechanism. Nexthink users with Finder access just need to sign in to the Portal and select Install Nexthink Finder after clicking on their username.


After that, all you need to do is launch the downloaded installer. This will start the Finder with pre-configured settings to connect to your Portal. From this point on, the Finder will update itself seamlessly, even if newer versions of the Portal and the Engine are installed.

Find out more about installing the Finder and updating the Finder.

Install and forget Collector (Preview)

We are excited to preview the “Install and Forget” Collector feature. Install the Nexthink Collector once and never think about Collectors again. Beginning with V6.6, Collectors are able to update themselves by retrieving the latest version from their Engine. As for the Appliances, extensive configuration options allow you to apply the update policy that will best suit your company.

Complete release notes for the V6.6 release can be found here. Enjoy the new features in the V6.6 release!