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Nexthink Receives Gartner Peer Insights 'Voice of the Customer' distinction Read the Report

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The Forrester EUEM Wave Report Breakdown

The Forrester EUEM Wave Report Breakdown
January 26th

As reported by Forrester in Q4, 2020, nearly a dozen technology vendors are riding a new wave of End-User Experience Management (EUEM) in IT right now—an exciting, emerging market that directly benefits IT departments and the employees they support.

Nexthink landed atop Forrester’s assessment of 11 of the most significant vendors in this category for its ability to “focus on understanding human perception of the tech experience,” and offer key differentiators like qualitative feedback, root-cause analysis, and unique remediation capabilities that few if any companies can match.

{Access the full report here}

EUEM is still an emerging space where vendors are increasingly analyzing more aspects of the tech experience for their customers, whether at the device, app, network, or external provider level. While many vendors take a particular cut of this equation, Nexthink is the only company looking at the bigger picture. We serve IT teams with the ability to measure the entire Digital Employee Experience and deliver meaningful end-user support services that remove annoying digital disruptions, wherever they may originate.

Which criteria did Forrester use to rank Nexthink and its competitors?

1. Telemetry collection

What telemetry data does the EUEM product collect? How frequently does the EUEM solution report the data? Does the solution allow customization of data collection? What platforms does the EUEM product support (e.g., Windows, MacOS, or Chrome OS)?

Explore how Nexthink collects useful experience data.

2. Qualitative feedback

How many methods (e.g., surveys or push notifications) does the EUEM product use to collect feedback from employees? What methods does the tool use to analyze the feedback? Can the solution combine qualitative feedback with quantitative feedback to create a user experience score per user?

Explore Nexthink Engage.

{Access the full report here}

3. Dashboarding

Does the solution include roles-based access control (RBAC)? How many roles are available out of the box? Does the solution provide dashboarding across industry, department, and role? Does the solution include an employee technology experience score?

How does Nexthink Experience work? Find out here.

4. Root-cause analysis

What is the vendor’s approach to understanding root cause? Can the solution use AI/ML to predict future technology experience issues? Can the solution identify who launched particular scripts or changed policies? Does the solution provide any specialized capabilities for root-cause analysis for remote workers?

Watch Nexthink Experience tackle a tricky remote services problem.

5. Remediation

How many prebuilt scripts does the solution come with out of the box? Does the solution provide tooling to help IT admins build their own scripts? Does the solution provide suggested actions to remediate issues related to experience?

Watch how quickly Nexthink Experience remediates a shadow IT issue.

6. Third-party integrations

What third-party integrations does the EUEM product have out of the box? Check out Nexthink's expansive list of integrations here.

7. Cloud capabilities

Does the solution offer a SaaS-only solution? What was the percentage availability for FY 2019? What percentage of customers use SaaS vs. on-premises? What certifications does the SaaS instance have? How does the solution protect personally identifiable data hosted in the cloud?

See how we're built for the cloud.

8. Vision

“What is the vendor’s long-term vision for the EUEM product? How will it differentiate the product from the competition over the next two years?

Learn about our company's vision in this short video.

9. Roadmap

How far out is the roadmap planned, as of August 1, 2020? What is the EUEM’s product roadmap for the coming 12 months? How does it specifically address employee experience and IT automation?

Stay on top of the latest Nexthink developments!

10. Services supporting customer experiences

Which services does the company provide to customers for the EUEM product? What is the vendor’s client retention rate year over year for the EUEM product? How does the company help clients build the business case for EUEM?

Liberty Mutual, Toyota, Western Union—we serve a wide range of enterprise customers. Listen to their stories here.

Ultimately, Forrester arrived at two key conclusions:

› Nexthink Leads the pack with holistic experience management. As Forrester reports, "Nexthink’s digital experience score combines hundreds of quantitative telemetry data points with user feedback. The solution provides in-console recommendations on how to improve experience;" and

› Nexthink is the best fit for companies with a dedicated digital experience staff. In particular, Forrester writes "Nexthink’s Engage feature collects user feedback and is a powerful tool for change management initiatives, day-today experience monitoring, and remote workforce enablement."

When selecting a technology vendor it's important you listen to unbiased, objective analysis from respected organizations like Forrester. Get the facts right and your IT department and digital employees will reap the benefits.

{Access the full report here}