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Fidelity International’s Technology Director Joins Experience Everywhere

Fidelity International’s Technology Director Joins Experience Everywhere
December 3, 2020

KhuremGoheer’s forward-thinking approach to empowering employees through technology signifies the rapid shifts enterprises are seeking across the globe to remain competitive through a period of unprecedented changeAt Experience Everywhere EMEA December 9th, he will present a keynote on ‘The Data-Driven Digital Workplace’ – sharing exclusive insights into the transformational strategy his team drive to modernize and tailor employee technology at scale.  

Here, Khurem introduces himself, his mission, and his keynote at this month’s event. 

Nexthink: What’s the biggest professional lesson you learnt across 2020? 

KhuremGoheer: Organizations are faced with uncertain and unprecedented times. In the financial industry there is a recognition that customers no longer want the typical monolith services: they want to pick and choose componentized elements of the model.  

These factors are driving significant change pressure for many companies and industries. Thereforeyour organization must identify the opportunities to diversify and embrace the enablers that will ensure you can not only survive, but thrive 

The customer landscape is shifting – and the customer must be at the heart of everything we do. It’s about focusing on and being ‘customer obsessed’.  

OK, Experience Everywhere. Tell us about your session? 

According to the Harvard Business Review, engaged employees leads to happy customers, which in turn drives revenue. Organization and industries that are able to drive the best employee experience can better remain relevant, successful, and competitive.

will be sharing insights and experiences that in my humble opinion are critical to a datadriven digital workplace – basically a view on how to make data talk. My session is about how IT can more precisely focus on employees, providing them the best user experience and productivity tools to do their jobs – as individuals.  

What else are you hoping to hear more about at the event? 

Data is foundational in our industry today. Leaders must drive quality, consistency, availability and accessibility on-demand, and pave the way for the use of innovative technologies such as machine learning, augmented analytics and artificial intelligence. I’m looking forward to hearing more about these topics and more.

Where does the digital workplace go next in 2021? 

Given our mission, which is all about improving end-user experience and giving users the best possible set of services, it’s imperative that we can better understand our users.  I think one of the things a lot of organizations have to recognize is that the line of sight between technology and the business remains limited.

We decided that for us to get this right we had to be able to understand how our users consumed services in their various different styles: first we map user requirements and then we enable technology.  I think it’s an approach other organizations will follow next year. 

Experience Everywhere is happening on December 9th (EMEA) and 10th (Americas).

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