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5 Examples of Powerful Stories in Digital Experience Management

5 Examples of Powerful Stories in Digital Experience Management
December 12, 2019

The Experience ’19 Tour wrapped up in November and it brought together some of the brightest minds and speakers from around the world in Digital Experience Management.

Attendees included IT professionals hailing from various sectors like banking, insurance, car manufacturing, healthcare, and many other industries. All were present to share insights and stories of how they use Nexthink to transform their employees’ digital experiences and productivity. During the tour, Nexthink also released the State of Digital Employee Experience – a unique bench-marking report that compares the Digital Experience Score across our customers’ 1.6M endpoints. The tour started in New York City (Oct. 1st), then moved onto Frankfurt (Oct. 24th), Paris (Nov. 22nd), and concluded in London (Nov. 26th).

Let’s see some of the highlights of the tour and which companies truly put their people at the heart of IT and the digital employee experience:

Toyota Motor Europe: driving superior end user experience the Toyota Way

On the left is Arnaud Pire, Senior Manager IT, Toyota Motor Europe

There are two powerful Japanese philosophies that drive the Toyota business called Kaizen & Genchi Genbutsu. Kaizen means “continuous improvement in working practices” and Genchi Genbutsu means “to collect facts and data at the actual site of the work or problem” or quite literally, “go and see”. Both philosophies fit seamlessly with what Nexthink’s full-service Digital Employee Experience platform can deliver for customers.

A few years ago Toyota Europe experienced a massive internal restructuring which made it difficult for their IT services department to properly unify their service delivery teams across the region. Arnaud Pire, the Senior Manager of IT and his team are in charge of supporting Toyota Europe’s 14,000 devices and over 10,000 software licenses. Prior to Nexthink his team struggled to manage complicated patch issues, repair disk space, and answer general end-user questions like what software were employees installing on their PCs, and what versions did they have in operation?

Flash forward to today and Pire and his team are using Nexthink to overcome their previous challenges with ease. Sticking to their philosophical roots, Pire’s team is able to use the Nexthink platform to enact a complete evergreen service-delivery model. In particular, Pire uses Nexthink’s one-click automations and remediations for Genchi Genbutsu-based fact checking and investigations, and they rely on Nexthink’s Digital Experience scoring system to carry out Kaizen-inspired road mapping and planning.

For Pire’s team, rolling out massive digital transformation projects, like Office365, has been painless because they are able to use Nexthink’s advanced adoption features to test user groups and monitor their status from beginning to end.  Pire also boasts that with Nexthink they are now proactively reaching out to Toyota employees and letting them know if they need to say, replace their disk or upgrade one of their business applications—and the feedback from users has been very positive.

The ability to measure is something that’s extremely important to Toyota’s workplace culture. Nexthink’s combination of hard metrics with user sentiment is key to our being able to improve our employee’s digital satisfaction. We want to know that we’re making real improvements – reducing the number of crashes, for example – and affecting a difference to the end user’s perceptions

Arnaud Pire

Senior Manager IT, Toyota Motor Europe

Atos: managing the digital experience for 3 million users and counting

James McMahon, Head of Digital Workplace, ATOS

Atos is a global leader in providing digital workplace services for up to 3M users worldwide. They are a managed services partner of Nexthink and currently use the platform to help their IT services team better manage 500,000 devices for their employees. James McMahon, Atos’s Global Domain Director, is a firm believer in XLAs (experience level agreements) and their ability, when paired with the right data, to change the game for employees. At the Experience London event, McMahon highlighted the relevance that solutions like Nexthink can have not just on IT leaders but other professionals and departments, like HR. “For HR, and other people not in IT, I think it is critical that they see what we can do for them”.

McMahon offered the blueprint for how his team approaches any IT project, and how they best utilize Nexthink’s Digital Employee Experience Management platform. An excerpt of his points are below:

  • Embrace the cultural shift in problem-solving –
    • You have to align your team with looking at problems from the end-user’s perspective, not from the data center.
  • Ditch SLAs (service level agreements) and instead focus on XLAs (experience level agreements) –
    • XLAs will provide more context for your IT services department, and help them to better align employee expectations with the reality of their current digital environment.
  • Take advantage of the full Nexthink platform (Act, Engage, Integrate, etc.) –
    • The only way to truly manage the digital work experience is to utilize the full Nexthink platform, which combines powerful user sentiment metrics, ITSM integrations, automations, and many other innovative features.
  • Reorganize how you deliver proactive experience support –
    • Build a team that has defined capabilities and roles like Data Scientists, Feedback Experts (PMO), Org Change Managers, and Automation Experts (AI).
  • Make sure you report your outcomes, moments, and stories –
    • Champion your own success and document your failures so you can improve!
  • Involve your procurement office early on during any IT initiative –
    • Getting buy-in and consensus from your internal finance teams is critical to any smooth IT project.

Bringing in data via technologies like Nexthink is transformational for us. It changes the conversations we can have with our customers

James McMahon

Global Domain Director, Atos

Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek: leading the way for German law firms and technology

The law firm, Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek, has taken on aggressive digital experience initiatives thanks to the help of their Head of IT, Mathias Espeloer, and his collaboration with Nexthink. With 8 locations across Germany and 1,000 employees, Espeloer’s team has used Nexthink to help them deliver on their promises to their employees. Here’s what Espeloer had to say about the Experience ’19 Tour and Nexthink:

Apetito: setting the pace in digital innovation and transformation

André Spölming, IT Lead, Apetito

Apetito is a European frozen food company that employees over 9,000 people worldwide. André Spölming, Apetito’s IT Lead is tasked with supporting some 3,500 devices and making sure Apetito’s employees are able to work in unison and with precision. For Apetito, specialized workers play a big part in their company’s success so their main priority was to stabilize their existing IT infrastructure and make it more reliable for testing future IT initiatives.

Tired of taking a “firefighting” approach to their job, Spölming and his team looked to Nexthink to help them deliver the ultimate endpoint and digital employee experience management system. After implementing the Nexthink platform in December of 2017, Spölming’s team quickly began to diagnose and remedy crashes, freezes, blue-screens and other common computing issues that they were never able to see before thanks to Nexthink’s easy-to-use analytics dashboard and drill-down features.

Now Spölming’s team is able to road map their most important business applications (like Skype, SAP, Outlook, etc.) and create quantifiable KPIs for each business service. Not only do they know where they’ve been with Nexthink, they now know where they are going and what “success” really looks like for their industry.

Nexthink allows us to kill blind spots, it shows absolutely everything going on with our devices and end users

André Spölming

IT Lead, Apetito

Leading pharmaceutical company: shifting from a reactive to a proactive Digital Experience IT model

One of North America’s leading pharmaceutical companies chose Nexthink to help them better serve over 50,000 digital workers spread out across the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Taking on ambitious digital experience objectives, this company wanted to completely revitalize their employee computing environment by leveraging the power of Nexthink’s Digital Employee Experience Score (The Score).

In particular, Nexthink’s scoring feature has enabled this pharmaceutical company’s IT services team to better track department-wide initiatives. The company’s senior IT leaders, were are able to use the Nexthink Score to drill down and resolve issues faster than before, and they’ve cut down their overall number of tickets and costs quarter-to-quarter since using the Nexthink platform. In 2019 alone, this company was able to improve their Score by 14% (from 7.1 to 8.1) and they drastically reduced call and incident volume with regards to Office365 and Windows.

In addition, their IT support team has taken a big chunk out of the company’s overall incident volume by switching to Nexthink’s one-click automations and remediations, which in turn has freed up much of their time to focus on more ambitious continuous improvement initiatives for 2020.

Different problems all with a common goal

At Experience ’19 there was a single theme that seemed to underline the various speakers and customer stories of trial and triumph: each used Nexthink to put their employees’ digital experience first, and each saw immediate benefits to their bottom line.

Whether it was a reduction in ticket volume, faster MTTR, expanded insight–every customer locked in an ROI that was unique to their situation. Ticking off important KPIs is key for any serious enterprise technology team, but what’s even better is that our customers can leave their workplace each day knowing that their employees are receiving the best possible digital experience in the market.

If you are interested in learning more about the Experience ’19 events or how Nexthink can help you transform your company’s Digital Employee Experience, talk to a Nexthinker now!

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