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Top Highlights from Experience Everywhere: New York!

Top Highlights from Experience Everywhere: New York!
November 3, 2022

This year’s Experience Everywhere is in the books – and just as we expected, the New York crowd helped us end this unforgettable four-city tour on a high note. We knew we had to bring something special for our big return to a live conference, and our incredible attendees and a star-studded lineup of speakers helped us do just that.  

The final stop in New York featured many of our most powerful sessions yet, as experts from some of the world’s most successful businesses graced the stage and delivered insights into the real experience of implementing the Nexthink platform and embracing a DEX strategy at the enterprise level you simply can’t find anywhere else.  

If you weren’t able to attend the event – or you want to revisit some of the most memorable moments – keep reading! We’ve put together some of the Experience Everywhere highlights that captivated, informed, and inspired this year’s tremendous New York audience.

“Infinity & The Rise of DEXOps”: An Illuminating Keynote from Nexthink Leaders 

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“We need to see what is going on because it’s continually changing; we need to diagnose, to understand where are the problems and opportunities for improvement; and then we need to automate, to fix at a scale. This is what Infinity’s about: doing these three things extremely well.”Pedro Bados, Nexthink CEO  

In their headlining keynote session, Nexthink CEO Pedro Bados and Chief Product Officer Samuele Gantner pulled back the curtain to tell the story of how far Nexthink has come – and more importantly, where it’s going next.  

Pedro and Sam covered everything from Nexthink’s growth as an organization to its evolution into a SaaS-based platform, one that enables customers to innovate at rapid speed and deliver more value, quicker than ever before. 

And most importantly: they gave the New York crowd a firsthand look into the new Nexthink Infinity platform! They revealed the unique capabilities that will help businesses to innovate and reduce costs; digital workplace teams to see, diagnose, and fix issues; and employees to enjoy a stable work-from-anywhere environment where they never have to open a ticket. 

If you missed out on attending Experience live, check out Pedro & Sam’s keynote here to learn why Nexthink Infinity is driving the future of the digital workplace. 

“Early Milestones on the Path to Proactive IT” & Other Stellar Customer Panels

“Being able to see with Nexthink we had a very clear issue with a VPN, we could go to that vendor, get a new update, deploy it – and then see that the problem went away; that was one of the biggest wins we’ve had.” – Kelly Watson, Southern Company 

The New York audience was treated to a number of illuminating panel discussions featuring Nexthink’s star customers – including Liberty Mutual, Blackstone, Johnson and Johnson, and more.  

These panels gave attendees a firsthand look into the many ways Nexthink and its customers have worked side-by-side to build some of the world’s most innovative data-driven workplaces. 

In their panel “Early Milestones on the Path to Proactive IT”, Southern Company’s Kelly Watson was joined by Mark Milano of Eversource and Pat Philbin of AmerisourceBergen, as they each offered unique stories about their companies’ initial steps to evolve from traditional IT service to truly proactive digital workplace improvement.  

Over the course of their conversation, these three IT leaders detailed their early expectations, first Nexthink use cases, and current plans for the future – ultimately answering a very important question on the minds of many attendees: What does the first year of the Nexthink journey look like? 

Watch the whole panel conversation now. 

“You Can’t Unsee What We Have Seen”: How Accenture Manages the Experience of Over 700k Endpoints

“You can’t use tickets to manage your workforce, people are just tolerant of the way things are.” – Jason Bentz, Accenture 

 In a unique presentation from both a Nexthink customer and partner rolled into one, Mike Holzman, Global Digital Workplace Lead, and Jason Bentz, Design Experience Senior Manager of Accenture took to the Experience stage to share their perspective on managing hybrid workforces and real-world examples of the problems they’ve been able to solve across their 700,000 endpoints. 

From the first time they stood up a Nexthink dashboard and thought, “We can’t unsee what we have seen,” to discovering a user in Australia whose device took 27 minutes to reboot and yet had never submitted a ticket, Mike and Jason shared their vision for the future of work, and the nuts and bolts work it takes to get there. 

Watch the entire session here to learn about the key wins Accenture has had with application crashes, CPU usage, and compliance. 

“The Right People in the Room” & More Fireside Chats 

“When we start having conversations across the lines of business – with HR, with sales, with manufacturing – then we start adding more and more value. It’s not just a cost takeout or an optimization – it’s actually value back to the business.” – Erik Jost, Wipro 

The cozy fireside chats have been a fan favorite at every Experience Everywhere stop – and the New York event was no different. In a series of candid conversations, Nexthink partners and customers captivated the audience with fresh analysis and predictions about many of the trends shaping the world of work as we know it. 

For example: in their session “Getting the Right People in the Room”, Wipro’s Erik Jost and Qualtrics’s Matt Evans explore the relationship between IT and HR that has become integral to the success of a modern digital workplace.  

While this trend has been garnering much attention over the past few years, Erik and Matt offer their fresh perspectives to answer the most important question: how can you actually make an IT-HR partnership a reality? 

They discussed everything from methods for combining employee sentiment and technical data, to the specific IT and HR employees who should have seats at the table when it comes to digital workplace decision-making. As some of the foremost experts on workplace transformation, Erik and Matt left no stone unturned in analyzing the structures necessary to increasing employee engagement, boosting retention, and building cost-efficient, DEX-driven workplaces.  

While we were sad to say goodbye to everyone who joined us in New York, Frankfurt, Paris, and London, the Experience journey is far from over! Stay tuned for more exclusive content featuring some of the brilliant guests that made 2022’s Experience one we’ll never forget. 

And if you weren’t able to attend any of this year’s stops, don’t worry – we don’t call it Experience Everywhere for nothing! Check out our on-demand site to view this year’s top speeches and conversations in full, wherever you are.