experience london

London is calling…

After touching down in three amazing cities across two continents, the Experience ’19 tour culminates in the UK on November 26th at the historic Riverside building on the lip of the Thames.

Whether or not you’ve already registered for Experience London, here are some tips for ensuring you get the most of the UK edition of the world’s greatest Digital Employee Experience event.

We’ll see you down by the river.

1) Experience benchmarking

At last year’s event, we unveiled the DEX Score – which allows companies to benchmark their IT services across time, between regions and against peers. Twelve months on, and the metrics have been rolled out to over 400 companies and 2M endpoints; Experience ’19 offers a great opportunity to gauge the DEX Score’s industry impact, particularly if it’s something you’re considering for your organization. Samuele Gantner (our Chief Product Officer) will be joining Nexthink CEO Pedro Bados for an exclusive look at the industry benchmarking data, while Johnson & Johnson will demonstrate how they now use Score to help guide their user service delivery model.

2) Experience other workplace cultures

Experience ’19 London presents an amazing opportunity to learn about different work cultures. For example, Toyota’s Arnaud Pire will be introducing something called the Toyota Way – the workplace philosophy followed globally by the famous car company. (Arnaud will also show how this philosophy perfectly complements Digital Employee Experience.) Another highly distinct workplace covered is the NHS, with a keynote focused on the challenges and opportunities Digital Employee Experience offers the world’s most famous healthcare provider.

3) Experience it all

There’s more to an Experience event than presentations alone – there are also amazing demos to check out, full catering, and fantastic networking opportunities. The trick to getting the most out of any Experience is this: make yourself known. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an existing customer, a visitor weighing up the relevance of Nexthink to your organization, or you simply want to delve deep into the whole ‘experience’ phenomenon – talk to as many people as you can, share your thoughts and queries, and stick around for the networking drinks at the end. A lot of Nexthinkers are there to ensure you get all your questions answered.

4) Experience thought leadership

While we certainly look forward to blowing you away with some choice innovations of our own (not to mention our amazing customer advocates), we fully realize that the ‘experience’ theme is a big one, and there are more sides to this story. In London we’ll be joined by Andrew Hewitt (Forrester), Alan Nance (CitrusCollab) and James McMahon (ATOS), among other thought leaders and influencers renowned in the Digital Employee space.

5) Experience the future

Does Nexthink have anything in particular to unveil at this event?

You bet we do: the new era of Digital Experience Management.

Ensure you catch our founder and CEO Pedro Bados’ opening keynote to find out what this is and what it could mean for your business. Another unmissable Nexthink presentation comes right at the end of the day, from our VP for solution consulting, Jon Cairns, who’ll be looking at how we can finally start to close the expectation gap between IT and its users.

So, if you’re coming to Experience, please make sure you take full advantage of our awesome slate speaker, demo sessions, and networking opportunities. There’s something for every one at Experience, and we cannot wait to see you!

For more information about travel, the agenda, and more, click here.