It is difficult to overstate the importance and impact that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has had on the employee experience. This is crystal clear when you see how employees are interacting with their IT departments. Employees expect technology to just work. When there are technical problems the expectation is that fixing the issue will be fast and seamless. An increasingly important part of meeting this employee demand is the virtual agent, or chatbot.

In fact, according to a ServiceNow report “over 30 percent of employees today expect a “Google-like” option to access the information they need at work.” But for the chatbot to become a seamless part of the IT environment, they must provide an intelligent and positive experience for the employee. And this in turn requires data to provide context.

Here at Nexthink, we are working on a new way to power this next generation of chatbots with intelligence from the endpoint. This new integration will provide the actionable intelligence chatbots require to be more effective. Our timing could not be more appropriate – according to Gartner analysts: “By 2021, more than 50 percent of enterprises will be spending more per annum on bots and chatbot creations than on traditional mobile app developments.” Despite this influx of resources, chatbots still struggle to remediate a wide variety of L1 support issues because they simply do not possess the breadth of required background information. This is where Nexthink steps in to superpower the chatbot.


Nexthink’s chatbot integration provides chatbot technologies with robust endpoint data and context from employees.


Nexthink’s chatbot integration provides chatbot technologies, including ServiceNow Virtual Agent and IBM Watson among many others, with robust endpoint data and context from employees – enabling them to operate more effectively. Using Nexthink-powered chatbots, IT teams can:

  1. Find issues faster. With the Nexthink integration, chatbots can leverage user context to uncover potential issues and remediate them in real-time with smart diagnostic capability.
  2. Fix issues faster. Facilitate a more informed conversation between employees and chatbots by adding end-user context. The Nexthink-powered chatbot automatically retrieves this information eliminating the need for the chatbot to ask non-productive environment-related questions such as inquiries about an employee’s device, applications, system performance and more.
  3. Provide better digital employee experience. With Nexthink, chatbots become much more than just information sources. With the actionable intelligence and insight into what the employee is actually experiencing, chatbots become a complete, automated solution to drive better digital employee experience.

By automating a higher percentage of L1 support inquiries, our new chatbot integration allows IT teams to focus less on the never-ending stream of L1 support tickets and to reinvest their valuable time into more impactful, company-wide initiatives.

This is one small step for Nexthink, but one giant leap for chatbot technology. It’s all about our mission to improve employee experience and to empower IT teams to lead today’s enterprise into the future. To learn more, please visit:

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