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Thomas McGrath

Thomas McGrath

Thomas McGrath is a writer, filmmaker, and podcaster. He has been published everywhere from VICE to Computer Weekly, and is the producer and co-host of the Digital Employee Experience Show.
Thomas McGrath

Thomas McGrath

Thomas McGrath is a writer, filmmaker, and podcaster. He has been published everywhere from VICE to Computer Weekly, and is the producer and co-host of the Digital Employee Experience Show.

Future Workplace|May 11

The DEX Show | Podcast #33 – Touring the Workplace of the Future w/ Mike Kenny & Sam Holzman

In today’s episode, we chat with Mike Kenny, Global Technical Delivery Lead Unified Communications at Mondelēz International, about the workplace of the future, and how his company is approaching unified communications. And we're joined by Sam Holzman, the writer and editor of all the fascinating content you find at the DEX Hub.
Future Workplace|April 13

The DEX Show | Podcast #31 – Tech & Inclusivity w/ Antonio Santos (ATOS)

In this episode we chat with Antonio Santos, Social Media Evangelist at Atos, to talk about the changing focus of inclusivity in the workplace since the start of the pandemic. 
Sustainability|March 2

The DEX Show | Podcast #28 – Out with the New: Extending Hardware Lifecycles w/ Barbara Matoe & Mary Anne Cacciola

In this episode we chat with incoming Nexthink Ambassador Barbara Matoe, along with Nexthink’s own sustainability expert Mary Anne Cacciola, to discuss how to extend hardware lifecycles – and how doing so will help both the environment and a business’s bottom line.
Wellness|February 17

The DEX Show | Podcast #27 – Good Night, Smartphone: A Chat About Burnout w/ Arianna Huffington

In this episode we chat with Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO at Thrive Global, to share her burnout story and offer advice on what companies and individuals can do to battle burnout.
Future Workplace|February 2

The DEX Show | Podcast #26 – Gaming & the Future Digital Workplace w/ Johan van Amersfoort

In this episode, we welcome Johan van Amersfoort, Author and Technologist at ITQ, to discuss what current gaming trends mean for the future digital workplace.
Personalization|January 19

The DEX Show | Podcast #25 – Meet Mr. Employee Experience w/ Ben Whitter

In this episode, we welcome Ben Whitter, Founder & Chief Experience Officer at HEX Organization and one of the world’s leading management thinkers, to explain the relationship between the employee experience, technology, and the brand.
Digital Workplace|January 5

The DEX Show | Podcast #24 – Desktop Virtualization and Hybrid Work w/ Spencer Pitts (VMware)

In this episode, we chat with Spencer Pitts, Digital Workspace Chief Technologist at VMware, and Andy Philp, Principal Product Marketing Manager at Nexthink, about how advances in desktop virtualization have enabled this brave new hybrid world we live in today.
Digital Workplace|December 22 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #23 – 2021 DEX Show Year-in-IT Review w/ Geoffrey Wright (Mondelēz)

Tim & Tom chat with Geoffrey Wright, Global Solution Owner at Mondelēz International. We discuss why password resets were one of the biggest IT irritations of 2021 and our bold predictions for 2022.
Optimize Experience|December 8 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #22 – A Commodore 64 and a Screwdriver (Charles Araujo)

Tim & Tom chat with Charles Araujo who's specialty is on digital transformation. Charles is a Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Analyst, and Founder of The Institute for Digital Transformation.
Flow|November 24 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #21 – Finding Flow in Hogwarts (Adam Grant)

Tim & Tom chat with Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist at Wharton and a New York Times Bestselling Author, and Host of the TED podcast WorkLife. The group talks about flow—a recurring theme that runs throughout Adam's research—and what it means for the modern workplace.
Career|November 10 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #20 – IT Community Building w/ Rod Trent (Microsoft)  

Tim & Tom chat with Rod Trent, Senior Cloud Security Advocate at Microsoft. With three decades of IT experience, Rod has spent the last several years building a fantastic community around Microsoft’s Azure Sentinel product. Learn how you can build a successful digital community.
Future Workplace|October 27 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #19 – IT and the fourth industrial revolution w/ Ravin Jesuthasan

Tim & Tom chat with Ravin Jesuthasan, a futurist, author, speaker, and the Senior Partner and Global Leader for Transformation Services at Mercer, about what the fourth industrial revolution means for IT and the future of work.
Wellness|October 15 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #18 – Tim’s Digital Burnout Intervention w/ Betsy Bula (Gitlab)

Tim & Tom chat with Betsy Bula, All-Remote Evangelist at GitLab. Betsy shares why digital burnout is becoming more prevalent and what we can do to spot it and intervene both from an IT and non-IT perspective.
Sustainability|September 29 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #17 – The Green IT Tier List w/ Rainer Karcher (Siemens)

Tim & Tom chat with Rainer Karcher, Global Director IT Sustainability at Siemens. Rainer's team ranks IT behavior from best to worst and he'll share how to embrace more green, more decarbonized, and more efficient IT practices in our day-to-day lives.
Employee Sentiment|September 15 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #16 – The World’s Oldest Millennial w/ Ben Ward

Tim & Tom chat with Ben Ward, EUC Activist and Senior SE at IGEL. Ben breaks down the history of corporate technology and how consumerization has made IT’s job both easier and more difficult.
Flow|September 2 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #15 – Tech & the Real Meaning of Productivity w/ Neil Miller

Tim & Tom chat with Neil Miller, Host of The Digital Workplace Podcast, to discuss the future of HR and productivity in the modern workplace.
Digital Workplace|August 16 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #14 – The 5 Worst Things About Working in IT

Tim & Tom chat with Geoffrey Wright, Global Solutions Owner for Mondelēz International to discuss some of the worst things about working in IT and how tech leaders can correct this trend.
Career|August 9 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #13 – Technologist Table Stakes w/ Mary K. Pratt and Sean Malvey

Tim & Tom chat with Mary K. Pratt, Freelance Journalist, and Sean Malvey, Writer, Editor & Content Strategist at Nexthink, to discuss IT career paths and hiring in the Employee Experience industry.
Proactivity|July 9 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #12 – Data killed the IT repair shop w/ Matt Roberts (Dell)

Tim & Tom chat with Matt Roberts, Global Consulting Lead, Workforce Transformation at Dell Technologies, to discuss the evolution of IT and how teams solve problems before they have a chance to disrupt the business.
Digital Workplace|June 4 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #11 – Law and Automation w/ Slater & Gordon

Flying solo, Tom hosts Slater and Gordon’s Jon Grainger (Chief Information Officer) and Dan Morton (Technology Director) to discuss the role of technology, and IT, in today's rapidly changing legal industry.
Proactivity|May 18 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #10 – Mavericks and Operators w/ Predictive Advantage

As the show enters double figures,  Tim and Tom set out to bridge the gap between IT and psychology, with help from Michael Jones (Associate, Predictive Advantage) and Jeremy Baker (Productivity Director, Nexthink).
Career|April 19 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #9 – The Three Magic Kings w/ Nexthink’s Founders

In a very special episode, Tim and Tom are joined by Nexthink CEO Pedro Bados, along with his fellow co-founders Patrick Hertzog and Vincent Bieri. Together they take a trip down memory lane and a look to the future.
Digital Workplace|March 30 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #8 – Remote-Work Wireheading w/ Tom Goodwin

In this episode, the brilliant author and influencer Tom Goodwin joins Tim and Tom for an insightful and free-flowing conversation about the dynamic between advancing technology and human behavior.
Future Workplace|March 4 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #7 – A Human Approach to the Future of Work w/ Paul Hardy

In an all-English episode, Paul Hardy (ServiceNow) and David D'Agostino (Nexthink) join a solo Tom to explore the future of the helpdesk, the workplace, and the IT pro.
Career|February 24 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #6 – An Imperative Year for IT Backed by Data w/ Dion Hinchcliff‪e‬

In a four-headed monster of a podcast, Dion Hinchcliffe, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research, Inc. and Sean Malvey, Content Manager at Nexthink, cover the impact of the pandemic on IT with Tim and Tom.
Blog|February 11 2021

IT Innovations in Personalization and End User Personas – Q&A with Prabhu Kaliaperumal

The days of the one-size-fits-all IT strategy are over. Employees have higher expectations for their workplace experience than ever before – which leads to growing tension when their unique needs are not met by IT. The only solution is a full embrace of personalized, right-sized IT services. Delivering consistent personalized service is easier said than...
Digital Workplace|February 4 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #5 – Aristotle in the Digital Workplace w/ Dr. Brennan Jacoby

Dr. Brennan Jacoby, Philosopher & Founder of Philosophy at Work, joins Tim and Tom for a spirited, highly philosophical chat about the meaning of experience, the pursuit of truth.... and the digital workplace.
Wellness|January 27 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #4 – IT Insights as a Cornerstone of Company Culture w/ Gil Cohen

Why do we continue to treat employees as if we are in the Second Industrial Revolution? Gil Cohen, Founder of Employee Experience Design, joins Tim and Tom to explore this question and others.
Career|January 18 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #3 – CIO in the Age of Experience w/ Martha Heller

In this episode, Tim and Tom speak with Martha Heller, CEO of Heller Search Associates, who shares what she has seen on the front lines of executive leadership through the pandemic.
Employee Sentiment|January 4 2021

The DEX Show | Podcast #2 – The Art and Science of Experience w/ Alan Nance

In this episode, the ever prescient Alan Nance, Co-Founder of CitrusCollab, joins Tim and Tom to talk micro experiences, experience architecture, personas, cowboys and pirates.
Career|December 15 2020

The DEX Show | Podcast #1 – Holistic Technology Experience Management w/ Andrew Hewitt

Forrester’s Andrew Hewitt joins Tim and Tom for a dynamic discussion on trends across the IT industry – as well as Forrester’s EUEM New Wave Report.
Blog|August 4 2020

Through the Crisis: Nexthink Customer Stories (Bournemouth University)

Across almost all industries, IT’s focus has shifted from WFH (Work From Home) to WFA (Work From Anywhere). Some businesses and organizations might be further along in facilitating flexible work, but it seems like everybody is instinctively starting to rethink both their short and long term management strategies. The education sector, for example, is one...