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Sam Holzman

Sam Holzman

Sam Holzman is a Technical Writer at Nexthink, a global leader in Digital Employee Experience. Sam covers breaking news stories and industry trends in the IT technology sector.
Sam Holzman

Sam Holzman

Sam Holzman is a Technical Writer at Nexthink, a global leader in Digital Employee Experience. With an extensive background in journalism and feature writing, Sam combines breaking news, industry trends, and technical insights to cover the stories that matter most in the world of IT technology.

Blog|February 5

Microsoft Announces Improvements in File Upload Limits for OneDrive

In July of 2020, Microsoft announced that it was improving its upload file size limit from 15GB to 100GB for all OneDrive users. Now, the company has released an even bigger update – as OneDrive users are now able to upload files up to 250GB in size.  Support for this new upgrade, which will also...
Blog|January 26

Personalized IT: What Every Tech Dept. Needs To Know

The top priority of a typical IT team has remained relatively unchanged for decades: provide support for employees and make their user experiences as smooth as possible. With that being said, the actual workflow of an IT team looks nothing like it did years ago — because the way employees work on a day-to-day basis...
Blog|January 6

How to Manage the Remote Onboarding Process and Retain Top Talent

If you’ve ever started a new job, you know what a whirlwind those first few days and weeks can feel like. A new job means meeting new faces, learning new processes, familiarizing yourself with new and unfamiliar technology, and discovering what new challenges you’ll be facing for the foreseeable future. It can all be quite...
Blog|December 15 2020

Leading Video Conferencing Platforms Unveil New Waves of Integrations

Over the past year, many organizations have stagnated or struggled as a result of the global pandemic. Other businesses, specifically those who benefit from the widespread shift to remote work, have achieved unprecedented growth—none more so than video conferencing providers. Now, platforms like Microsoft Teams and Zoom are introducing new features that position them to...
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