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Sam Holzman

Sam Holzman

Sam Holzman is a Technical Writer at Nexthink, a global leader in Digital Employee Experience. Sam covers breaking news stories and industry trends in the IT technology sector.
Sam Holzman

Sam Holzman

Sam Holzman is a Technical Writer at Nexthink, a global leader in Digital Employee Experience. With an extensive background in journalism and feature writing, Sam combines breaking news, industry trends, and technical insights to cover the stories that matter most in the world of IT technology.

Transformation|April 22

4 Steps for Investing in Telecoms Solutions & Employee Experience

After more than a year of remote work and video meetings, most people are ready to bid farewell to the days of collaborating with colleagues through their computer screens. Not so fast. The approaching end to the pandemic doesn’t mean an end to telecommunication as the primary form of workforce collaboration. According to a recent...
Flexible Workplace|April 8

3 Smart Alternatives to Hot-Desking Your IT Team Should Try

After more than a year spent working from home, plenty of employees are actually excited to return to the office and see their colleagues face-to-face. But that excitement will quickly fade when they realize they have no place to sit. While some businesses will be staying fully-remote after the pandemic, others are preparing for a...
Proactive IT|April 1

4 Tips for a Productive Digital Workplace

What does a productive digital workplace look like? For many companies, that question isn’t easy to answer. Even before 2020, enterprise business leaders have been exploring the many benefits of bolstering their digital workplaces with smart technologies and IT practices. 87% of CIOs say that digitally empowered employees can drive at least 5% additional revenue...
Career Insights|March 17

How CIOs Can Win Over the C-Suite with Proactive IT

Over $20 million per year. That’s how much a large business can lose when their IT departments can’t keep up with employee demand and C-suite expectations. And at most companies, much of the blame for those losses falls on the shoulders of the CIO. Because their impact is so difficult to quantify, many CIOs still...
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