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Sam Holzman

Sam Holzman

Sam Holzman is a Technical Writer at Nexthink, a global leader in Digital Employee Experience. Sam covers breaking news stories and industry trends in the IT technology sector.
Sam Holzman

Sam Holzman

Sam Holzman is a Technical Writer at Nexthink, a global leader in Digital Employee Experience. With an extensive background in journalism and feature writing, Sam combines breaking news, industry trends, and technical insights to cover the stories that matter most in the world of IT technology.

Hybrid Work|November 17

23 Minutes Lost: The Real Consequences of Digital Workplace Distractions

We’ve all been there: you’re dialed-in to a specific task, hyper-focused on completing it… and then some minor distraction pulls you away. An email notification chimes, a coworker asks you a simple question, an angry driver wails on his horn outside your window – and when you return to the task at hand, you realize that tunnel-vision focus you just had is now lost.   ...
Hybrid Work|November 8

Proximity Bias is a Serious Concern for Young Workers – How Can You Avoid It?

We’ve all experienced a bit of FOMO at one time or another, whether we stayed home sick the night of a party or failed to score tickets to a big concert. It stings to miss out on the fun, but we get over it. In the era of remote work, however, ‘fear of missing out’...
Digital Transformation|October 26

Is ‘Change Fatigue’ Crippling Today’s Digital Workforce?

When it comes to workplace innovation, many forward-thinking businesses follow a simple mantra: “Change before you have to.” They pursue organizational or technological changes in order to stay ahead, rather than catch up – and they rely on their employees to adapt quickly to the new standards and structures they put in place.   The pandemic threw...
Career Insights|July 27

7 Must-Have Summer Reads for Any IT Leader

In the summertime, there’s nothing better than finishing a long workday and relaxing in the sun with a captivating book. And if your workday involves leading up an IT strategy, you might be looking for that perfect book – the one that informs and inspires you to become more innovative and successful in your efforts...
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