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Katharine Dahl

Katharine Dahl

Katharine Dahl is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Nexthink.
Katharine Dahl

Katharine Dahl

Katharine Dahl is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Nexthink. Katharine, an enthusiastic problem solver, leverages her 10+ years of experience in content creation, storytelling, and product marketing strategy as Senior Product Marketing Manager at Nexthink. Katharine drives Nexthink Engage and Act’s product marketing strategy, positioning, content creation and public launches to drive sales and customer success. She loves to connect with customers to tell their stories and help customers improve their employee productivity and Digital Employee Experience globally.

Blog|June 30

How to Quickly Fix Collaboration Tool Crashes After an Update (Use Case)

How this global investment company identified a problematic MS Teams update and quickly resolved it before it impacted every employee  If your employees’ collaboration tools are out of date, they are out of luck. As employees continue to work remotely, they, as well as hybrid and in-office employees, heavily rely on digital collaboration tools. Picture...
Blog|June 30

How to Get Ahead of Recurring IT Tickets (Use Case)

Learn how one Financial Institution stopped a flood of recurring IT tickets in its tracks with an automated 1-click fix  When an L1 agent faces a mounting pile of IT tickets, it is hard to be anything but reactive. They need to resolve the issue as fast as possible and restore employee productivity. But when...
Proactivity|June 14

5 Ways to Reduce IT Incidents Before Your Team Succumbs to the Ticket Backlog

If you talk to any Service Desk agent, they will agree there has been an explosion in IT tickets since the transition to remote and hybrid work. Even now, there are growing challenges preventing them from being able to reduce IT incidents. In the last year, average ticket volume has risen by 16% since the...
Optimize Experience|May 6

IT Self-Help: Reduce Tickets & Speed Software Adoption

How One IT Team Saved 100 Hours with a Self-Help Campaign When a software update backfired resulting in an influx of IT tickets, this organization scaled the fix across all impacted devices, saving 100+ IT hours. Whether organizations run into technical roadblocks, budget constraints, resource limitations or any of the other myriad challenges that can...
Employee Sentiment|March 28

400% Increase in User Adoption in 1 Month? How This Company Made It Happen

After three months of no activity, this organization breathed life back into its new self-service portal with a creative outreach campaign. “Fast” and “user adoption” rarely go hand in hand. In fact, 83% of senior executives said their biggest challenge with digital transformation was getting their staff to use the software[1]. But that doesn’t mean...
Future Workplace|February 9

What Happens When Digital Transformation Comes to a Complete Standstill?

When an SCCM update failed, this organization found a creative workaround to install MS Teams on 1,200 devices in 48 hours. While every employee is more reliant on their digital experience in remote and hybrid workplaces, the future of work has brought about an increasing number of communication and support challenges for EUC teams. This...
Nexthink Company News|January 26

Is Shadow IT Impacting Your Security? How An Organization Restored 90% Compliance in One Day

Just how effective can an employee engagement campaign be? Consider this: A single Nexthink Engage campaign prompted 90% of employees to update their browser in one day. Despite not having access to the enterprise version of the Google Chrome browser, thousands of employees in this U.S. biopharmaceutical company downloaded the personal version of Google Chrome. 5,200...
Hybrid Work|November 29 2021

Digital Wellbeing and the Overlapping Roles of HR and IT

Who oversees employee digital wellbeing? Nexthink’s Meg Donovan (Chief People Officer) and Tim Flower (Global Director of Business Transformation) recently sat down to answer this question on the minds of so many business leaders. Of course, Human Resources departments have traditionally shouldered the responsibility of managing employee wellbeing. But a recent Nexthink survey reveals that...
Employee Sentiment|October 28 2021

Is Anyone Reading Your Company Comms? How This IT Channel Received +2214% More Views Than Email

An A/B test reveals Nexthink Engage gets 2,214% more views than email. When a company gets big news, they want to share that success with employees and make sure they understand what this information means for the business. Case in point: Recently, a Nexthink customer and leading life sciences company, received FDA approval – a...
Wellness|October 15 2021

The Power Couple: How HR & IT Can Prevent Employee Turnover & Burnout

Forget the vanity metrics and the steady but painfully slow progress plans. HR professionals want to meet the demands of modern employees and rise to the challenge of a hybrid workforce by making a lasting change right now. That’s the dream, right? A happy employee stays your employee. A happy employee gets work done. A...
Digital Workplace|October 15 2021

11 Key Stats to Know if You Work in HR & Tech Support

If you are reading this, chances are you aren’t at your office. And if you are, that office is very different than how it once was. Heck—we’re all different now, we think about work differently, we interact with colleagues almost exclusively through our screens, not face-to-face. So if offices aren’t the same and we’re not...
Employee Sentiment|September 23 2021

Are Your Employees’ Tickets Resolved or Are They on Vacation?

How one IT campaign closed out 77% of ticket backlog volume Every year during the holidays, our customer, a multinational professional services organization, has thousands of IT tickets built up due to employees on vacation. As the IT teams reached out and didn’t receive a response, their performance metrics ticked up, impacting their quarterly goals...