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Is Anyone Reading Your Company Comms? How This IT Channel Received +2214% More Views Than Email

Is Anyone Reading Your Company Comms? How This IT Channel Received +2214% More Views Than Email
October 28, 2021

An A/B test reveals Nexthink Engage gets 2,214% more views than email.

When a company gets big news, they want to share that success with employees and make sure they understand what this information means for the business.

Case in point:

Recently, a Nexthink customer and leading life sciences company, received FDA approval – a huge milestone for them that would surely amplify the company’s brand and with it, new sales and marketing demands.

Leadership at the company wanted to announce this key milestone, congratulate all staff, and get their message across about what this meant for the future. In particular, they had a few communications requirements:

  • Reach everyone at the same time for a “breaking news” effect
  • Not be overly intrusive or time-consuming
  • Accurately measure their project to improve future company-wide communications

It was IT who stepped up and suggested the company let smart tech and data drive its decision-making. They proposed Nexthink Engage as a strategic communications tool to test with 50% of their employees and an email announcement for the rest.

engage example

A classic A/B test. What’s not to like? Well, if you have stock in email, you may be disappointed, but our customer certainly was not.

Here are the steps they took:

  1. Craft a Nexthink Engage campaign announcing the FDA approval.
  2. Create a separate link for each campaign channel to track results.
  3. Send the FDA approval announcement to 50% of employees via Nexthink Engage and 50% via email.
  4. Track responses and see that in 15 minutes over 1,000 views from Nexthink Engage and only 43 views from email recipients. A stunning 2214% more views from Nexthink Engage than email.
  5. Share A/B test results with the executive leadership team to demonstrate the power of a communication channel with clear results.
  6. Start planning how to use Nexthink Engage campaigns for major incident management.

Roughly 15k employees interacted with the campaign and acknowledged the major company milestone.

These results likely confirm what you already felt: Your employees aren’t reading your emails.

Email serves a purpose, yes, but it’s not the tool you should use when you need instant feedback.

With Nexthink Engage, you can send customized pop-up notifications targeting any end-user or persona. Reach your employees under the right context and format.

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