Rethinking the Digital Workplace

In the traditional enterprise architecture, IT departments are far removed from employees and often even viewed as a secluded area of the business. Sure, IT would come help you relatively quickly if your computer wasn’t working or an application kept crashing, but for the most part, the IT employees kept to themselves, working hard to keep the network up and running and ready to put out the occasional fire when called upon.

The setup works decent enough for organizations that simply want to check the box when it comes to IT, but forward-thinking businesses are quickly recognizing that a more holistic approach is necessary for today’s (and tomorrow’s) digital workplace that continues to increase its reliance on technology to fuel employee productivity and drive optimal outcomes for businesses.

Quite simply, companies must accept how critical IT’s role is within the organization. With employees relying on a host of different technologies to get their jobs done, any disruption must be promptly dealt with. But there’s a key issue that IT departments face on a daily basis: they don’t have visibility into the health of devices and applications that employees are using and, thus, can only fix issues when an employee reaches out looking for help.

Without Digital Employee Experience management, the walls between IT and employees will stay up

Staying ahead of the curve

In a recent report, 451 Research states that a more engaging approach to IT will be critical to the workplace of the future, and Nexthink’s platform enables companies to stay ahead of the curve in terms of driving organizational productivity and employee engagement through IT.

The report highlights how Nexthink is working to “bridge the gap between IT managing endpoints and the employee experience by providing a digital workplace that can increase productivity and satisfaction while reducing support costs.”

This is our core mission and we’re executing on it by completely restructuring how IT is set up to begin with. Instead of looking at networks, devices and applications from the top down to get an aerial view, we focus on gathering end-user data to drive proactive insights. Essentially, our platform monitors how employees are interacting with devices and applications to provide IT with information on how their different initiatives are being experienced after being rolled out.

The real-time end-user data gives IT the details and visibility they need to be proactive in solving issues across the enterprise, rather than solely reacting to support tickets as they come in. By allowing IT to actually see the different issues that are happening and giving them the ability to engage with end-users to work towards speedy resolutions, our platform transforms IT from reactive to proactive, all while making sure employees consistently have access to the tools they need to do their jobs effectively – a win-win scenario for the business.

To learn more about how Nexthink enables more efficient IT operations by focusing on the digital employee experience, click here to download 451 Research’s recent report.