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Banque du Caire: Delivering Technology Firsts to Customers & Employees

Banque du Caire: Delivering Technology Firsts to Customers & Employees
September 11, 2020

Remote and flexible working isn’t just changing where we work, it’s changing how we work.

“The vision is changing, the game is changing,” explains Yasser Fouad Ramadan (Deputy General Manager, Head of IT Governance at Banque du Caire). “The new dynamic between organizations and employees is going to be less about coming into the office, and more about delivering milestones.”

Ramadan recently joined Harish Dunakhe (Research Director, Software and Cloud, IDC META) and Jon Cairns (Vice President, Technical Services, Nexthink) for a fascinating discussion hosted by IDC. Shortly before, Nexthink had the opportunity to catch up with Ramadan to hear more about IT’s role in this changing workplace, both during the lockdown and beyond.

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Nexthink: Why is Digital Employee Experience important to Banque du Caire?

Yasser Fouad Ramadan: We’re always focused on providing firsts. We want our customers to have services with us that simply aren’t available to them anywhere else. Technology is a huge part of that. Today, for example, we are providing advanced yet simple mobile banking solutions, including diverse Mobile Wallets, which demonstrates our commitment to delighting customers and contributing to the customer experience.

One of the core strategies driving our digital transformation is around employee experience and allowing our supercharged IT teams to take the best possible care of the bank employees serving our customers. We know that the more we empower IT teams to deliver seamless world class support, the more we’ll be able to provide a superb experience to the bank’s customers.

How well prepared was Banque du Caire for the upsurge of remote work this year?

Nexthink was already closely monitoring the experience of work-from-home users. Following the COVID-19 lockdown this became especially valuable. We had people working from home and could rest assured knowing they were already supported. We had full visibility of their service quality and could automate their support.

By giving you full visibility of the end user experience, Nexthink opens the communication channels between IT and the user base. Nexthink provides our technology teams with different dashboards that allow us to identify whether or not a user is happy with their service, where the bottlenecks are and what we can do about them. Once you’ve opened up the lines of communication with your users, and can know with confidence what they’re actually experiencing, you’re in a great position to improve their service quality.

Can you share a use case where this level of visibility was helpful to the wider business?

Just this month we had significant complaints about machines running too slowly. With Nexthink we found out that more than 1,000 machines were reported for slow performance. Nexthink was able to dig out the exact binary and .exe related to one of the security updates we’d recently rolled out. The team opened the case with the vendor and the vendor then provided a patch that resolved the issues and restored all machines to their normal processing power on the same day.

How has the ability to support a highly dispersed user base affected IT’s standing at Banque du Caire?

Due to its role in facilitating remote work for many employees, IT was made to feel like Banque du Caire’s champions and heroes during the lockdown. Our work was important and appreciated by our colleagues.

The bank was able to run with a percentage working from home versus the minimal number of people that had to be in the office, with the same and even higher productivity standards.

Top management also appreciates and understands the need to have a remote virtual environment that people can run anywhere. At this stage, IT becomes a service and business enabler, rather than a support function.

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