We are very excited! V6.4 of Nexthink was released earlier this week with a number of new features and product improvements. Check it out!

Investigate in Finder

A lot of the power and ease of use of Nexthink relies on the fact that Finder users can always drill-down to find out more information about a specific topic. Drill-downs in fact allow us to understand who is impacted by an issue, discover the dependencies between CIs and observe the exact events that lead to a specific situation.


It’s only logical to extend such functionality to the Portal as well. From now on you will be able to click on any value shown in Portal to Investigate in Finder. This feature is so seamlessly integrated that in a matter of hours you will ask yourself How did I work without this before?

For more detail on using this feature follow this link.

More Scalability and Speed for Engine

Scalability and speed are crucial topics for us and breaking existing limits has become one of our preferred obsessions. We are excited to announce that V6.4 Engines will support double the number of concurrent Finder users compared to V6.3, and we will do so with the same hardware! Moreover, we have drastically improved the scalability of the product; if you want more speed you just need to add 1 CPU core for each 5 Finder users.

But this was not enough… scaling more is great but we also wanted to give you more speed. So, once again, without having to change any of your hardware, you will discover that V6.4 queries take in average 30-40% less time to complete!

For more detail on using this feature follow this link.

Collector Tag for Entities

The Collector tag (a value that can be set during Collector installation and is then reported by the Collector to the Engine) can now be used in Entity rules.

Find out more about setting collector tags and using collector tags.

A New Option for the nxt:// protocol

A new option for the nxt:// protocols allows to open the device/user view with a specific time frame.

For more detail on using this feature follow this link.

User-Device Views Navigation

When navigating from the user view to the device view or vice versa, the time frame is kept.

Account Provisioning Based On AD in Beta

In V6.3 we introduced a beta that allows users to authenticate in the system without having to type username and password. We have now extended this beta to automatically provision accounts based on Active Directory groups. Instead of having to manually create every single user account in Nexthink, you can now associate an Active Directory group to a specific profile and we will automatically maintain an account for each member of the group.


Did we manage to interest you? You can contact to receive detailed instructions on how to activate this feature.

We also have some data model changes that may be of interest. You can read more about those changes here.

Nexthink V6.4 is a terrific product release. We encourage you to upgrade and take advantage of all the new and improved features.