We are very excited! V6.5 of Nexthink was released last week with a number of new features and product improvements. Check it out!

More Granularity for High CPU Activity

In V6.4 we introduced a new device warning event called High overall CPU usage to better represent situations of high CPU consumption. This event is triggered when 70% of all logical processors are used, or in other words, when at least 70% of the total CPU capacity of the device is consumed. In V6.5 we have modified the user and device views to include this event.


Read more here.

Improved Boot & Logon Data

We have introduced several changes to improve the accuracy and usefulness of boot and logon duration metrics: boot values are now more precise and for user logon we now distinguish between an objective measurement representing the desktop being shown and a subjective measurement representing the device being optimally ready for use. More details are available  here.

Finder Install and Auto-Update – Beta

Installing the Finder has never been easier thanks to our new install & update mechanism. Nexthink users with Finder access just need to log in to the Portal and select Install Nexthink Finder after clicking on their username.


After that, it is just a question of launching the downloaded installer, which will then directly start the Finder and configure it to connect to the right Portal.


From this point forward, the Finder will be automatically and transparently updated, even in case of new releases of the Portal and the Engine.

Find out more about installing the Finder here and updating the Finder here.

Enjoy the new release!