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8 Websites Every End-User Computing Professional Needs to be Visiting Daily

October 15, 2019

As an professional in end-user computing, there never seems to be enough time in the day. You’re so preoccupied with making sure projects are executed on time and goals are being met that it can be a real challenge to keep up with the latest news and innovations. 

So we decided to help! 

Here are eight incredible websites brimming with strategies, wisdom, and experience from professionals that are in your shoes. Hopefully they will help you reach your goals, and gain some valuable insight. 


CSMWire keeps you up to date with the evolving digital workplace. They curate articles, blogs, events and research covering the ever-evolving technology landscape. 

What to read: 


PluralSight helps IT professionals educate themselves on the topics that matter through expert led courses and skills assessments. 

What to read / watch:  

Tech HQ 

Written by innovators, entrepreneurs, business managers and change makers passionate about technology, Tech HQ is a one-stop shop for learning about the latest technology and digital transformation trends. 

What to Read:  

Computer Weekl 

UK-based Computer Weekly, the world’s first weekly IT newsletter, remains so insightful that they have been featured by TechTarget for two decades of content excellence. Since 1966, they have been covering the technology landscape and the in-depth challenges faced and solved by IT professionals. 

What to read:  


Forrester curates insights from top business and technology leaders to empower IT teams with the methodologies, research, and analytics necessary to improve their firms’ IT program and keep abreast of the ever-evolving technology landscape. 

What to read: reports on the latest news around top tech trends, analytics, tips and tricks, career insights, video and more for IT professionals.   

What to read:  


Gartner, home of the Magic Quadrant, is the Yelp! For technology and enterprise experts. They provide research and consulting services, and drive industry conferences designed to equip IT professionals with all the insights necessary to help make the right decisions and stay ahead of the curve. 

What to read: 


From highlighting the most innovative CIOs, documenting the latest AI strategies, and curating a quote of the day to keep you inspired, Forbes provides a wide array of innovation news, strategies, and the latest IT trends. 

What to read:  

BONUS: Reddit  

Reddit is the place for all those questions that can’t be answered… including a place for IT professionals to share and collaborate on challenges they encounter. 

What to read: Go online, and start asking questions that have stumped you!  

We hope this list helps you stay on top of the latest trends and innovations in end-user computing.  

And if you’re ready to take the next step and bring end-user solutions to your company, then contact our team today!