experience 19 new york city




I’m a little bit of all three right now because we are just days away from starting the Experience ’19 tour—a multi-continent slate of conferences that will host some of the biggest and brightest minds in digital workplace computing and IT.  

Of course, if you registered for Experience New York you already know this. There’s a lot packed into this one-day event and it can be easy to get distracted with so much going on. But we’ve got your back.  

Here are some tips to maximize your time:

1. Plan ahead – it almost goes without saying but New York City is big, loud, and at times, overwhelmingLuckily, Experience New York is located at the serene Tribeca 360, a sprawling indoor venue with (as you might guess) 360° views of Lower Manhattan and Jersey City. If you’re not staying nearby, we recommend sticking to the subway and avoiding taxis, which can get you bogged down in traffic. Take subway lines 1, A, C, or E, to Canal Street Station to avoid any headaches. Once inside Tribeca 360, study the venue map to understand the different zones we have setup for demo stations, one-on-one meetings, customer success booths, and our keynote speaker stage.

2. Listen to all of the keynotes regardless of how relevant they are to your company/career – you can often pick up ideas and lessons from speakers that come from completely different backgrounds and industries. Luckily, everybody coming to Experience New York brings something to the table. Regardless of the job title or sector, this event is for IT professionals that want to make a genuine impact in the digital workplace environment. 

3. Take advantage of our demo stations there’s plenty to be absorbed from a full day of practical talks but ultimately you’ll want to see the Nexthink platform in action. Come to our demo stations and see what we really mean by “people-centric IT” 

4. Help is in the form of a light blue lanyard Nexthinkers will be wearing light blue lanyards during the event, so if you have any questions, just ask! We’re here to help you achieve results for your company and your personal career, so feel free to approach us at any time during the event.

5. Network like a champ there will be plenty of opportunities for you to network throughout the day with your fellow peers. A word of advice—if you’re interested in meeting with any of the keynote speakers take into consideration when they are speaking during the day. The lunch break will probably be your best time but we will also have short breaks in the morning and afternoon. And of course, don’t forget that the networking reception will follow immediately after at 5:00 p.m. in the same venue, so you’ll also have plenty of time to unload all those questions and comments at that time. 

That’s it.  

On behalf of the Nexthink team, we’re delighted you’re coming to Experience ’19 and we’ll see you next week! 

If you have questions about Experience New York, contact us!