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5 Times Nexthink Helped Customers Reduce IT Costs

5 Times Nexthink Helped Customers Reduce IT Costs
October 27, 2022

When IT budgets are tight—and they almost always are—pressure comes down to cut costs, streamline technology stacks, and overall do more with less. And when a recession hits, you’re going to see your budget get slashed—unless you can transform your IT department from a cost center to a strategic partner in recession planning and cost efficiency.

While it may seem counterintuitive, sometimes an upfront investment in the right tools can lead to better cost efficiency down the road. Sure, it’s easy enough for us to say that, but where’s the proof?

To help illustrate the ways in which an investment in Nexthink can help you reduce overall spending without compromising the employee experience, here are five customers who used Nexthink’s unparalleled visibility to drive cost savings and do more with less.

1. How ABinBev Saved $261k on PowerBI Licenses

AB InBev is the world’s largest beer brewer in both volume and revenue, operating in over 150 countries and producing over 600 different brands of beer. When their Global Digital Workplace team investigated areas to implement cost savings while improving and measuring digital employee experience, they focused on optimizing software licenses and used Nexthink to find some answers.

Leveraging Nexthink’s intelligent Software Asset Management dashboard, they were able to visualize the cost and usage of their software licenses. One of the first tools they looked at was PowerBI. The business had purchased 10k licenses to support their users, yet with Nexthink, they were able to see that 99.9% of those licenses were unused! To put it more plainly, only seven out of 10,000 licenses were actually in use.

Pretty clear cut: they reduced their license count to only the seven they needed and saved over $261,000 on PowerBI licenses, without any negative consequences to the employee experience.

Watch ABinBev’s full session from Experience Everywhere 2022 now.

2. German Manufacturing Organization Saves $1.6M on Windows Migration

A Windows migration at the enterprise level is never going to be easy. Auditing hardware and software readiness alone can take months of work, and when you factor in employee communications, the process can easily become fraught with issues, where every hiccup costs time and money.

Nexthink’s complete visibility into hardware and software assets, combined with our employee engagement capabilities, help streamline the process, as this German Manufacturer found out when they embarked on their own migration.

With 300,000 devices in their environment, they knew the migration would be a heavy lift. They also knew from the previous Windows 10 1909 migration failures that if much of their estate was not ready to migrate it would cause massive issues.  So, they took a new approach. They leveraged Nexthink to remotely see, diagnose, and fix every hardware and software element that could prevent a successful upgrade, ultimately saving them 32,000 hours of IT support time, which they estimated cost $1.6 million.

Read the full story, including every issue they used Nexthink to see, find, and fix, here.

3. Hospital Saves $900k on Hardware Refresh

Hardware is always one of the biggest line items in any IT budget. And yet, IT teams have traditionally defaulted to automatic refresh cycles, turning over hardware on a 3-5 year schedule, irrespective of the hardware’s current performance. Recycling hardware when it could still offer two or more years of service could potentially be costing your business hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This large city hospital in North America had $2.5M allocated to replace 3,000 devices—including workstations, kiosks, desktops, and laptops. With Nexthink, they were able to assess the health of each device and understand which needed a refresh, and which did not. This process allowed them to keep a significant portion of healthy hardware in service, saving over $900k out of that $2.5M.

Read the full story here.

The last two stories don’t have as large of a dollar amount attached, but they do illustrate the power that even a single automation or self-help campaign can have on overall IT operations and spending.

4) Consumer Goods Company Saves $23k on a Single Network Fix

When a network connection is glitchy, it has a disproportionate impact on your employees’ ability to get their work done and in turn, on your businesses ability to produce and achieve targets.

When the Manila branch of a European-headquartered consumer goods company saw a sudden ticket escalation related to poor collaboration tool performance, they knew the tickets only represented a portion of the issue. Using Nexthink, they zeroed in on the issue on a single device and discovered a network reroute at the root of the problem. Then they were able to instantly identify all 1,893 affected devices in the APAC region. Finally, they pushed an immediate fix with targeted automation.

The estimated time saved for IT was over 470h, the equivalent of $23,500. And that’s not counting the money saved from lost employee productivity. All from one single, a quick fix from IT. Imagine how much more they saved over hundreds and thousands of automations.

Get all the details here.

5) How a Global Manufacturing Company saved $5k with One Self-Help Automation  

What’s the biggest time-sink your team experiences? Most IT pros have the same answer: resolving tickets. And when tickets pileup, the backlog gets deeper, and top call drivers raise alarm bells, that adds up to a lot of wasted time. What if you could skip all that, and empower employees to solve their own problems? You save time (and money) that you can then use on strategic initiatives, and your employees spend less time frustrated with IT that doesn’t work. It’s a win-win.

When a global manufacturing company’s latest MS Teams software update backfired, they had a familiar experience. The usual influx of urgent IT tickets flooded the service desk. If they took the traditional approach, they’d spend hours resolving each ticket one by one. But with Nexthink, they were able to expedite the process.

They leveraged Nexthink’s unique combination of self-help engagement and automation to avoid the tidal wave of tickets. This involved a simple targeted pop-up sent to all affected employees, giving the employee the option to resolve the issues themselves with a single click.

The initial campaign had an immediate 78% success rate across 324 devices, saving the service desk over 100hours of support time, which was estimated at $5k savings.

Not bad for a single campaign implemented in less than one hour.

Read the full story here.

Find IT Cost Efficiency without Sacrificing Employee Experience with Nexthink

Look, it’s no secret we’re staring down the barrel of a looming recession. Businesses of all sizes are reassessing their budgets and finding ways to cut costs and optimize operations. Don’t let a shrinking IT budget have a negative impact on the employee experience.

These three examples show some of the ways Nexthink helps businesses save money while delivering an exceptional employee experience, but there are many more. Reach out to us today to discover how Nexthink could help you do more with les