paris city of lights

Let there be light!

Back in the 17th century, Paris was the first city to establish public lighting by scaling the installation of lanterns, candles and oil lamps. The project was a massive endeavour at the time that required the help of hundreds of hands to make it possible. Today, we’re on a similar journey to tackle big ideas in the Digital Workplace.

And we couldn’t think of a better venue than Paris, the “City of Lights”, to host the third stop on our Experience ‘19 tour.

Before you attend there a few things we want you to know. Consider these tips in order to maximize your time and get the most out of Experience ’19:

1) Read up on our Speakers and learn from each one

experience customer speakers

Coming from Forrester to AXA IM, our 8 amazing guest speakers bring real-life experiences and success stories managing their respective digital workplaces. Any IT professional—regardless of industry and title—can gain something from each speaker. Listen, take notes, and ask as many questions as you want during the day. We recommend you approach the day armed with curiosity and a willingness to learn from these stellar technology leaders.

2) Take advantage of our demo zone

demo zone

Throughout the event, “Nexthinkers” will be there in full force (wearing light blue lanyards) to answer technical questions about the Nexthink platform and show you how it works. We know actions speak louder than words. Take our speakers’ stories and immediately apply them to your business needs. Our experts will help you explore every nook and cranny of the Nexthink platform (DEX Score, IT initiatives, Integrations, Chatbots… you name it!). Don’t hesitate to stop by the demo zone even if it’s just for a friendly chat. We’re here to help!

3) Network with your peers

network like a boss

Our keynote speakers are not the only ones that have something to share. What makes Experience a truly special event is the opportunity to meet, discuss and share stories and experiences with hundreds of IT professionals. There will be plenty of breaks throughout the event so you can network with our keynote speakers, Nexthinkers or fellow attendees. In addition, we will have a cocktail reception immediately following the last speaker. Take the time then to unwind and relax with your peers!

Á Bientôt

On behalf of Nexthink, we can’t wait to see you on November 22nd at 3 Mazarine, Paris.

For any information about the dates, location or agenda visit the Paris Experience ’19 page.

For any other questions, contact us at