experience frankfurt

Headed to Experience ’19 Frankfurt this week?

If you’re like me, you like to be prepared.

Here are 3 important tips that can help you maximize your time at this world-class event:

1. Take advantage of the entire layout

The keynotes at Experience are entertaining and insightful but there will be other parts that you don’t want to miss. Check out our Demo Zone to see the Nexthink platform in action and speak with our experts, or visit our solution consultants to discuss these key topics:

  • The Digital Experience Score – the ‘nitty gritty’
  • ITSM challenges and opportunities – and how we tailor solutions to your unique environment
  • Data protection and security – how we stay on top of your requirements
  • General questions – ask us anything!

2. Stay for the last speaker

all of our keynote speakers bring something different to the table but the last one, Christian Ochsler, is going to share key insights on Digital Experience Management and working with the German Works Council. If you’re based in Germany, you don’t want to miss this presentation!

3. Network like a champ

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to network throughout the day with your fellow peers. A word of advice—if you’re interested in meeting with any of the keynote speakers take into consideration when they are speaking during the day. The lunch break will probably be your best time but we will also have short breaks in the morning and afternoon. And of course, don’t forget that the networking reception will follow immediately after at 4:30 in the same venue, so you’ll also have plenty of time to unload all those questions and comments. 

That’s it. If you have an interesting story using Nexthink and would like to speak at next year’s event please contact a Nexthinker.

On behalf of the Nexthink team, we’re delighted you’re coming to Experience ‘19 and we’ll see you on Thursday!

If you have questions about Experience Frankfurt, contact us!