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$25 Million Lost: Tech Issues Hit Businesses Where It Hurts

$25 Million Lost: Tech Issues Hit Businesses Where It Hurts
April 21, 2020

The phrase just a few months ago has never seemed to cover more ground than it does today.

Well, just a few months ago, Nexthink commissioned a study with Vanson Bourne to find out the real state of the Digital Employee Experience.

Vanson Bourne reached out to 3,000 IT leaders and employees across major markets in the USA, United Kingdom, Germany and France. We were so excited to share the results because they offer a fresh and unique perspective into the world of technology and the employee experience in today’s workplace.

Then, of course, the pandemic hit.

However, while we are launching The Experience 2020 Report into a much-changed world, we know that, for those IT teams managing the millions of newly made remote workers, its insight into real users’ experiences will be especially valuable.

Here is a shortlist of unique findings from the 2020 Experience Report:

  • $25 million in costs – technology issues in 2020 are costing a 10,000-person business up to $25 million on average
  • 50 hours in downtime – IT interruptions have employees waiting up to 50 hours each year for help
  • 82% want more to be done – most employees would like to see more done by companies with respect to their Digital Employee Experience
  • 61% think tech downtime is accepted norm – more than half of respondents agree that IT downtime is an accepted norm in their organizations
  • IT’s visibility is around 50% – tech teams only have approximately 56% visibility into the success of new technology deployments; 58% visibility into the adoption of those deployments; and 45% visibility into the issues impacting employees’ experiences

Get the facts you need to stay ahead of your IT challenges and business competitors.

Read the 2020 Experience Report today.