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A New Chapter: Nexthink’s $1.1B Valuation

A New Chapter: Nexthink’s $1.1B Valuation
February 8th

Among the many topics that a tech founder CEO can write about in a blog, I always feel that fundraising announcements are the least glorious especially when compared to announcing great achievements such as business growth, new products, or meaningful partnerships. However, funding is a moment when others take notice, it’s a major milestone for the team and an acknowledgement from the market that what we’re building is needed and in-demand. With that in mind, I wanted to share some of my learnings from this fantastic journey and what this new investment means for employees, customers and ecosystems.

Today, Nexthink has raised $180M at a valuation over $1.1B making us one of the most valuable enterprise software companies born in Europe. Despite this success, the story of Nexthink is not a story of fast track, rapid hypergrowth driven by a crystal-clear vision and market disruption from day one. Our journey and story is one punctuated by extraordinary resilience, continuous improvement, and truly amazing people. Today we’re more than 700 in the world, and it’s been an honor to be a part of this passionate team that is so dedicated to our mission. I truly believe there are a few key pillars that were critical to reach this milestone. These pillars are an essential part of our culture at Nexthink and the north star for our future success.


Starting with our co-founders Patrick and Vincent, at Nexthink we were blessed with an amazing founding team. As we grew the company, we were able to add Nexthinkers and investors guided by the same core values that made the original team survive – positive attitude, getting things done, one team and growth mindset. That created a unique culture founded on the belief that everything starts with people and the rest can be figured out.


When we started there was no market. Customers knew they had a big problem, employees were struggling with IT services, but they did not know there was a solution for that. At Nexthink we decided to create the Digital Employee Experience category instead of trying to improve an existing space. We took the risky bet and we played to win. Connecting dots backwards we realize that this decision forced us to take the driver seat instead of playing catch-up.


From the beginning we understood customers want to be delighted and the best way to do that is with truly great products. People working at enterprises and using our products are also consumers and they demand great technologies and innovation. At Nexthink we have pioneered some of the best innovations in End-User Computing such as Sentiment Analysis, Digital Experience Scores, Persona Insight, or our Finder Network View. Some of these concepts are now used by other vendors, but they were unheard of not so long ago when we set out.


From the first customer in Geneva, we have always made it a priority to foster a community of customers and partners who feel part of our journey. We listened to everyone, but we were more focused on people who were passionate about our mission – the future of IT is about delivering the best experience to employees. This has created a very special community with thousands of champions looking to make digital experience for employees the best it can be. Our global conference Experience has emerged as one of the most important gatherings for end-user computing professionals; every year growing exponentially as the market begins to truly understand how critical digital employee experience is in the enterprise.

As our Swiss roots expand globally, we will not lose sight of these four principles which made us who we are today, and we will use them as our biggest strength moving forward.

But what excites me most about the road ahead is the incredible opportunity that awaits us. Our mission is to delight people no matter where they work, at home, in the office or on the road, and as the workforce continues to evolve, this mission is more important than ever.

Fueled by this latest round of funding, we will be able to extend our impact and help our customers to partner with their employees and deliver even better experiences. We will continue to grow our outstanding team and build the most innovative and valuable products in the market.

I want to end this post by once again thanking our entire community across the world; employees, customers, and partners. I feel so humbled to share this journey with all of you. Thank you for all the great moments and remember that our brightest days are still ahead of us.


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