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10 Commandments of Employee IT

And the IT director said unto the end users, come with me into the IT department, and there I will give thee tablets, mobile devices, and computers of silicon, and commandments which I have written; that thou mayest learn them and teach them. And the end users agreed to obey the commandments, and all was good.

~ ITIL III 2:5

I am thine IT and thou shalt not have any other IT before me

Shadow IT is a perpetual problem for enterprise IT departments. See how you can ensure employee compliance with Nexthink.

Thou shalt not covet thine coworker’s machine

With Nexthink you can measure CPU usage, application performance, as well as collect proactive feedback from your end users to ensure their satisfaction.

Thou shalt not leave your computer unattended

Using Nexthink, detect and highlight suspicious or malevolent end user behaviors that may indicate a breach.

Thou shalt always submit a ticket, and be specific

Employees aren't always specific when submitting tickets. With Nexthink's Incident Management 2.0 Connector for ServiceNow you can gain instant clarity around incidents, dropping MTTR drastically.

Thou shalt use strong passwords, not “password”, "12345678", "0000"

Yeah, we can't help you with this one. Maybe try 1Password or OneLogin?

Thou shalt always run the device updates

Thou shalt not visit malicious or indecent websites

Thou shalt not unjustly cast blame upon the IT department

With Nexthink, IT departments can dispel blame by rapidly diagnosing the root cause of incidents using the Nexthink Finder.

Thou shalt READ the update emails circulated by IT

Instead of communicating via email, use Nexthink Engage to proactively communicate with the right users, at the right time, and correlate their real-time feedback with technical data.

Thou shalt treat the IT staff with respect

With great power Nexthink, comes great responsibility respect.
- Spiderman's Uncle